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    Adding Numbers to Team Shirts

    which vinyl do you use?? i mean which brand?
  2. verobee


    THANKS FOR THE ANSWERS, SO the ink that im using? its ok?? everybody talk about cobra ink but inkxpro?, and could be the tshirt i was using cotton... ill try poly and yes i using the profile from inkxpro, about the paper the one that i have both sides are very similar only feels diferent like rougth... which brand should i buy?
  3. verobee


    DOES ANYONE IS USING an epson wf-7620? i just bougth the printer and then the ink on inkxpro, im using the profile, higth quality everithing, teh pic came put perfect from printer but after heat press the tshhirt its too ligth, like half way the real color... 400 degres, 60 sec..., not sure what else i can do....TIA