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    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    Definitely interested in some of these tweezers, I work on cellphones too and these would be handy, all the tweezers I've found, the tips bend quickly and are never the same.
  2. Cordell-Designs

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    Never looking for it, when I'm not using it at the moment, I put the dull end between my teeth and hold it until I need the needle again. When I'm not using them at all, they stay in a pin cushion as MZ Skeeter mentioned. The wooden dowel / tool you mention doesn't work for me, I like the control I have over everything when I've got my fingers close to my work (small detailed work). It's just the way I've always done it and always will. Didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers, just saying how I do it and giving an option.
  3. Cordell-Designs

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    I just use a sewing needle.......
  4. Cordell-Designs

    Charging for file conversions?

    I do vector conversions for $10 / hr. Somedays I think it's too much and other day I think it is way too little. I charge a 1 hr. minimum.
  5. Cordell-Designs

    New here from Southern Illinois, but not new to the vinyl game.

    Thank you sir.
  6. Hellow peoples, new here from Olney, IL. I have my side business Cordell Designs and I do vinyl work, and design work.