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  1. I can not buy bigger rolls of vinyl as my machine is 15".
  2. brilliantdesigns

    Graphtec CE5000 issues.

    we are having the same problem with our graphtec ( not cutting to the edge of vinyl) we found the expand option on menu, but what do we set it to? we have a 15"roll of vinyl we are trying to cut to the edges of. please help!!?
  3. help!! I have a graphtec ce6000. i can't get it to cut to the edge of my 15" roll of vinyl. All settings are correct in cutting master. I was reading there is a setting I can change on the actual Graphtec, my manual doesn't supply me with those directions. Can someone please tell me how i tell the plotter the vinyl is 15"?
  4. brilliantdesigns

    CE6000 Problem

    how do you set the length of vinyl on the graphtec menu? Where do i go? please help having issues