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  1. That seems to be the problem, the correct new carriage to buy?
  2. I have tried uscutter support and I was just given settings suggestions, none of which seemed to work unfortunately. I just took that video today though, so I will send that to them and see what they say. Thanks!
  3. Using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro, here is a video of a test cut. Seem like the carriage gets stuck down. It does not not move very freely. Would a whole carriage replacement be a good idea? If so is this the correct carriage? Video: Thanks!
  4. I picked up a US Cutter Copam CP-3500 off local craigslist cheap and having some issues getting everything all dialed in. Last issue i've run into is it seems the blade is not raising away from the vinyl when moving to the next cut location, therefore leaving drag marks in the vinyl and sometime cutting the vinyl moving to the next location. I've done a test where I removed the blade holder from the carriage completely and it seems the carriage is not raising up and down when moving from cut locations. Does anyone have any ideas? Not sure if the solenoid (not sure if that's the proper terminology) is faulty or if this is a setting change I have wrong? Settings are currently: Speed: 20 cm/s Force: 30g Offset: 0.10mm Also, would anyone be able to explain a little more in depth what each of the settings do? I am new to the cutter/plotter world and still working to build my knowledge. Thanks!