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  1. MK Creations

    Graphtec Ce 6000-60 Cutting fabric?

    I have the carrier sheet but I just didn't know what blade. I will email Graphtec.
  2. Will the Graphtec Ce- 6000- 60 cut fabric? Just very thin, plain ole' fabric, What blade do I need. I tried with the one I cut vinyl with and it doesn't cut it. thanks, Melissa
  3. I have a Graphtec ce-6000. I use the Graphtec studio software. There is NO option to export files to save them in any other format. I dL'd a pdf creator, but when it creates a pdf, its only half of the picture. Does anyone know how to save Graphtec files as a different format? Also, what is plt file?
  4. MK Creations

    Corel Draw student suite X7

    thanks so much! I will think about doing that. That's a great idea tomk!!!!
  5. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio - How to change file format?

    I downloaded that pdf creator but when it creates it, it is only half of the image. I am trying to create something that is 12x12. I don't have a clue what to do. I have Graphtec also and need to send a high resolution picture or .eps file to a screen printer for iron on transfers.
  6. MK Creations

    Corel Draw student suite X7

    thank you both very much!!! I am just going to stick with what I have that I know works and works well. I really just wanted it so I can make glittery mock ups and its not worth it to convert it all over. Thanks again!!
  7. MK Creations

    Corel Draw student suite X7

    I have a Graphtec ce-6000. Is Corel Draw student suite X7 compatible? I know I need Cutting master, but I am going to purchase corel and don't know what version to buy. Thanks
  8. according to Graphtec tech support, the PRO version will be released "maybe" at the end of this year.
  9. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio Weeding Lines

    jmas, Graphtec technical support answered me this morning and this is what he said "The PRO version isn't available yet. I believe it may be ready by the end of the year" Well, let's hope so JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hoping yall can help me since you all seem to know a lot about the ce-6000. Why are my other weeding line options not showing up in Graphtec studio? in the users manual within Graphtec has "pro" beside it. Ok, well there is no PRO version that I can find. The only option for weeding lines is the padding option. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio Weeding Lines

    I bought over $2000 worth of stuff, they are going to give it to me!!!!!!!!! I just have to wait until the morning to get a hold of someone. GRR!
  12. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio Weeding Lines

    Yes, that's what I have been doing. I just found another manual that says the lines are available in Graphtec studio Pro. apparently I just have GS. I will email Graphtec to see how to get pro because I can't find the DL anywhere.
  13. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio Weeding Lines

    ok, I found a drop down box in my Graphtec software that says "weed settings" when I clicked on it, all it does is bring up the weed option panel with the padding option, but no other choice is there. I need more weed lines on a few things and its driving me nuts because I am supposed to have 4 options and I don't. ughhhhhhh
  14. MK Creations

    Graphtec Studio Weeding Lines

    Mine only shows me the padding option.
  15. I am looking for the weed line settings. In the user's manual it says (see weed settings) but cant ever find them. I did find the weed border, but it only cuts a box around the project. There are supposed to be more options. Does anyone know why the other options aren't there? Melissa