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  1. I've been cutting since ~2014-2015 and have done quite a lot with a little. Have contemplated going full time but that requires a lot of time and a better cutter (currently have an MH Refine 721 that I bought used). Anyway here's a few that I've done! I've got more, just can't find them on here.
  2. jclarke88

    MH Refine 721 Help

    I bought it used with most of the scratches etc., so I don't know where it had been prior, but since I have had it it has been inside the rest of its life and I'm pretty fragile with my stuff. But I agree, and it's been more trouble than it should be, and at this point I'm probably better off to start over. I've wasted too much vinyl with this one and I can't afford that to keep happening lol. Thanks for all the help guys!
  3. jclarke88

    MH Refine 721 Help

    This was what I wasn't understanding. Thanks for clearing up. That may be an option. However, I am also about to move so I may just sell what I have and regroup later on when I can afford a PC. Attached are some photos of what I've been using. Don't know if that helps or not. I'm gonna do a test run here in a sec and see if it works.
  4. jclarke88

    MH Refine 721 Help

    Have no clue what you're talking about on that second part lol. Honestly as long as it can keep working on a Mac, that's what I'm gonna try and do. It's much more versatile because I can take the laptop anywhere. I'll try and upload some pics of that usb that I've been using tomorrow, darcshadow. My cutter resides at a location different from where I live so I'll figure out what you're talking about tomorrow. Because it's a usb, but in the settings in SignCut I believe it said something about serial. Not sure. I'll plug it in tomorrow and check it out. Thanks guys
  5. Hey all, I've got myself an MH Refine 721 cutter that I've had for quite some time & is giving me some issues. To start off with, it worked fine up until a week or two ago when I went to manage my subscription for SignCut. I wanted to see if SignCut 2 would open adobe illustrator files, and because I was impatient, I didn't think it did, so I went back to SignCut 1 (only to later learn you could open them in the 2nd version, so I switched back). The first thing I cut after switching back over went fine. The next couple of cuts, however, did not. It would get about majority of the way through the job and then make a diagonal line through the artwork, essentially ruining it. Some of the cuts didn't even get completed. I think I might have been helped with this issue before and was told it could be a static related issue (?) but it's been a while so I'm not sure. I use a MacBook on High Sierra OS (not sure if that matters or not) and the aforementioned SignCut 2. There will also be occasions in Signcut where I clearly have my outlines created on the artwork from Illustrator, but all that shows up when I open the file in SignCut is a weird black shape. I personally believe the cutter is the issue, but I could be wrong. I don't know. But I'm tired of jacking with it and throwing in the towel on trying to figure it out on my own lol. Anyways, thanks in advance and any help is appreciated!
  6. Hi, I've recently been experiencing issues with my US Cutter MH721 which involve it not completing each job. I have a MacBook Pro and I use a SignCut Pro software plug in for Adobe Illustrator. I use a USB connector to my MacBook to cut. The cutter can sometimes complete one decal in the job but when it goes to the next one it will get at least halfway through and stop. Sometimes it will just completely stop and lay the blade down in the coordinates where it stops, and sometimes it will take the blade and go the width of the cutter and create this random diagonal line. Anyone experience anything like this? I was reading in another topic on here and came to the idea that it might be a memory issue or something like that but I'm not sure. It's done this before on some relatively simple jobs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. jclarke88

    MH Refine 721 Help

    Thank you guys for the advice. A few tweaks and she's back to working again!
  8. Hey all, my name is Jordan, I am new to the forums here, so if this belongs in another place, forgive me and move it to wherever. I have a type MH721 that I bought used a couple months back, and it's worked off and on since I got it. It's frustrated me to the point that I'm tired of trying to figure it out on my own. First off, about a month ago is when it quit doing its job correctly. It's like it was going too fast or something because it was cutting through the back of the vinyl and the paper that the vinyl comes on (forgot what that is called haha). It would pull the letters up off of the roll it was cutting so fast/hard whatever the problem may have been. I renewed my subscription to signcut, the program I'm currently using, this month and I switched out the blades (put the 45 degree blades in) then tried to cut again. I also had slowed down the cutting speed and force because I figured that would help, and it did, or so I thought. It had cut through the vinyl but not well enough to where it was easy to weed out. So I piddled with blade height settings, different vinyl, yada yada yada and am still coming up with the same problem. In addition to this, I've also had random encounters with the blade being drug across the vinyl during a pass, which has not affected the final decal because it does not go through the vinyl, but it's like it doesn't bring the blade all the way up between each letter when cutting. So I guess my question is how do I fix it? I've tried about everything under the sun, but it seems like I'm taking one step forward then two steps backwards. I can try to tell you guys as much as possible in order for you to help me. The vinyl I used the first time around was white, most likely Oracal but I would not know because this vinyl came with the cutter. The second go around I tried black, and it was made by Arlon, and it was not easy to peel/ either. Then, because I got tired of wasting vinyl, I tried some scrap vinyl (yellow), which as one can imagine, worked about as good as sunglesses in the dark. I can also tell you the current settings of my cutter, which I don't really know how they got there because I didn't think they were the default but the speed is currently set to 12 inch/s and the force is at 00g. I don't know if that's something that the computer could have screwed up or what but it doesn't seem right. My baud is 9600, which i think is what it goes back to each time you reset, but earlier I tried setting it at 4800 because that is what the instructional video on here told me to do. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's also required to change those settings each time in SignCut as well. I can also provide pictures too if need be; I'm sure they would help but I've got other things to take care of right now so I will provide them as needed. It would be much appreciated if any help is provided because I have a job coming up soon and I'd like to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks!