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  1. I wanted a cutter that was a good value, durable, and versatile. That was my goal. So I began doing my homework by reading this forum and other extensively. After 2 months of reading I became fairly knowledgeable about cutters, the 2 main types; servo and stepper, and the capabilities of both. I learned about the importance of cut widths....I recommend no less than 24", the differences and uses for multiple kinds of vinyl, the tools, supplies....etc. Then I zeroed in on the cutter I wanted.....but there were no reviews for the Titan on this forum! I promised myself that after I bought a Titan I would write a here goes. I did the following 2 things for a very happy experience with my Titan right out of the box! 1) AVOID PROBLEMS by doing your homework. This is the only way that you will get a cutter that does what you need it to do. 2) SET YOUR CUTTER UP CORRECTLY This is the only way your cutter will work right the first time Use the free tech's free and the guys are helpful and kind. I spent a total of 15 minutes with tech support....that's it....communication problem solved. I use the USB connection with no issues on a Windows 7 laptop and SCLT. I have owned my Titan 28 for 3 months. During that time I have made a variety of stickers, magnetic signs and I am cutting my first commercial sign this week. I am also doing commercial vehicle numbers. I have not had the first issue with my Titan. I really am enjoying my Titan. So far it has been reliable and cuts very well. Very fine print is hard to cut for any cutter, but my Titan cuts down to 1/4 inch depending on the font. This is as small as I want to weed anyway...right! I'm happy with my Titan so far. I don't know how it compares to other machines...but the quality is so good, I don't care.....It does what I need it to do at the price I was willing to pay. I paid $699 with a starter vinyl package and $9 shipping from USCutter....on their boatload promotion. I'm a happy customer.....but I did my part.
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    Titan not cutting

    I have had my Titan 28" cutter for 2 months. A 15 minute conversation with tech support and I was up and running. I read extensively here before I bought the Titan. After getting my cutter, setting it up, and having immediate success, I realized that most of the issues mentioned here are due to people not reading the manual, following directions, and taking the time to get all the settings correct including blade depth. I know that is not a popular thing to say, but it is true. For example: Users complain about their cutter stopping in the middle of a job or just cutting part of the job. If you turn the cutter off in between each job.....this is not a problem. This dumps old jobs out of the cutters "print" buffer (memory) and makes room for the next job. I see all the issues mentioned here on the forum but have been lucky and well planned enough....not to experience them. So my advice to new users, or those planning on buying a cutter? Be patient...set the cutter up your homework, and you will probably have a pleasant experience like I have. I'm not a USCutter tech support guy, I received no reward, discounts, or freebies for this post. It's just simply the truth. If you do your part....your USCutter will reward you with a good experience.