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  1. For 72 shirts give or take, what is the best route to go for this logo? All black shirts 1/2 xl and 1/2 large size. Thanks, been a while since I was here last. cover-mocv3.pdf
  2. 101LEDs


    32, I was just looking at it trying to figure out that color.
  3. 101LEDs

    TC Model Laser On

    When mine shows "off" on the screen the laser is on. Depending on the year made the 24" came with 2 or 3. USC shows the LP2 with only 2.
  4. 101LEDs

    TC Model Laser On

    I just checked and They are using the same picture for both replacement carriages and the laser is included.
  5. 101LEDs

    TC Model Laser On

    Sounds like there may be some software/firmware differences between the 2 cutters also. Laser is gold with 2 wires exiting the top.
  6. 101LEDs

    TC Model Laser On

    It is a Liyu TC1261, the same thing as a Laserpoint 2 besides coloring. See my post here. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/46325-laserpoint-ii-liyu-model-reference/ Here is the way to turn it on, highlight local> hit enter> hit select 2 times> hit enter to change it to off> hit select to go back to origin> hit enter and it should be on. Make sure your cutting software is open. If it's not on, the laser is bad or it's something more expensive to fix.
  7. 101LEDs

    scratching my head

    Takes about 90 seconds once you have did it a few times. Not too bad if you don't have to do it several times a day.
  8. 101LEDs

    scratching my head

    I say it is manual, you have to move the laser to each reg. mark in order and then cut. It won't detect them on it's own like ARMS.
  9. I'll post it as soon as it's ready.
  10. 101LEDs

    scratching my head

    Contour cutting with registration marks. My LP2 has the same settings on the lcd and that is how you turn the laser on and off.
  11. 101LEDs

    USC "Value" 3D printer?

    Follow up, with more answers. Hi, We use solidworks for the most part here but that is a professional program that cost quite a bit. We just use it for development and improvements of our printers. I have also heard good things about blender I think it was called and turbocad. There are just so many out there that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Exactly, we felt that there would be a large group of people that would want a design software that was really basic, but then that there would be another group that would want a much more advanced design software. This is what led us to develop the type of software we have. It meant that customers could get the design software that was right for them and then they could just export the design and our software would take over from there. Almost all design software is capable of exporting in .STL which is a great thing about our printer, you can continue to change the software you use as your needs change and compatibility will not be an issue. As for the motors they are stepper motors. Yes that is completely normal. Our software requires our printer to use, so if you try to download it without the printer hooked up it will not work. Hope this helps!!
  12. That test piece was printed with no color profile or color adjustment at all. The picture wasn't the best resolution either. It was on JPSS with Cobra pigment ink. All taken care of now and printing great.
  13. 101LEDs

    Epson Printer for tshirts

    I went with the DIY option. wf 7510. $150.00 Epson Ebad Store Printpayless Ciss $35.00 Ebad Cobra Pigment ink (2ozx4) $28.00 www,cobraink.com JPSS and 3g Transfer paper $40 Ebad 25/15 sheets $253 total Not bad at all.
  14. 101LEDs

    Applying glitter layers

    What design/cutting program/s are you using?
  15. Welcome aboard, how do you have it connected? USB? Did you set up the cutter in the drop down menu on Scalp?