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    Reflective Vinyl tips needed

    looking forward to seeing the tut GfX,thanks all.
  2. graphy

    Reflective Vinyl tips needed

    thanks for the info provided, bikemike what steps do you save w cutting master? because if that's the case I can scrap flexi and Graphtec cutting plotter controller and just use Cutting Master 3. What the smallest yall cut reflective vinyl? or do you treat it the same as other media?
  3. graphy

    Reflective Vinyl tips needed

    im using CorelDraw x6 for designs and a Graphtec ce5000-60, I just started using flexistarter10.0.3 with the Graphtec cutter plotting controller. Questions: 1. im using a new 60deg blade,blade out a credit cards thickness,force 17,speed 6 & quality1. I still get some marks/lines on the back of the carrier paper but the image is still hard to weed, what process do some of you guys use out there? should I do 2 passes with lighter force? using flexi starter better than using Cutting Master 3?