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  1. MoZo

    Looking for this vector

    Thanks Skarekrow
  2. MoZo

    Looking for this vector

    No luck on Sign Torch
  3. MoZo

    Looking for this vector

    I will try SignTorch thank you
  4. I have a customer who had some items done for her horse stable at a Craft Fair and now wants to make some shirts up but I cant seem to find this image anywhere. Does anyone one have it or know where I can buy it? Thanks you
  5. MoZo

    Couple of etchings I did lately.

    looks good
  6. I have a customer that wants a street sign done in white reflective vinyl I dont stock it and dont want to buy a roll for just one job depending on price it would cost to just have it cut and shipped. The sign is 6"x24" Vinyl size 23.550" x 5.550" PM me if you would be willing to cut this and let me know price. Shipping to 17744 Thanks
  7. Dave it's an exposure unit like pshawny said. Its a little older but still works great. Its still on the trailer need some help unloading, but will get some pictures when unloaded and up running. Don't know if I'll keep it yet might try to trade for something little smaller..
  8. This is actually to big so if anyone is looking for a larger exposure unit let me know I'm looking to trade.
  9. Pick this up today at an unbelievable price.
  10. MoZo

    Anyone Know this Font

    Little late on posting but I didn't find the font so ended up printing the picture and hand tracing it. Customer was happy with final product.
  11. MoZo

    Anyone Know this Font

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="mark-s" data-cid="416692" data-time="1460401264"><p> No match here....good luck<br /> <br /> mark-s</p></blockquote> Well now I know I'm in trouble if you don't know lol.
  12. MoZo

    Anyone Know this Font

    I been on fonts sites for a while now and having no luck. Find My Font didnt pull any fonts up like it. Thanks
  13. MoZo

    How my day is going

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="dcbevins" data-cid="416408" data-time="1460066222"><p> Dude you broke the big squeegee!? (o_O)</p></blockquote>
  14. MoZo

    How my day is going

    Going to check Lowe's tomorrow see what they have.
  15. MoZo

    How my day is going

    I will give that a shot, it's right in the middle.