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  1. casperkyle

    New Workforce 1100 With Cobra Ink

    Thanks LOL
  2. We got our new epson workforce 1100 with the cobra ink system today! We love it makes great transfers and also does great photos as well!! We have wanted one for a while and just figured out we were only 20 miles from cobra ink lol.. Richard was great to work with and very helpful some of the best customer service you could ask for...
  3. casperkyle

    a couple practice cuts

    I think I found the font to the "Perry Signs & Graphics" here is a link
  4. casperkyle

    a couple practice cuts

    Looks Good! What font is the Perry Signs & Graphics?
  5. casperkyle

    Very Cold Day.....

    thanks! yeah put the vinyl on in our shop but its only 40 degrees in there having heat problems.... it was our first 4'x8' sign but everything went great and the customer was very happy
  6. I make these all the time for $10 chrome or 651 we sell a ton of them
  7. casperkyle


    we did flea markets for a while we displayed our designs on banners and coro but we operated out of a 20 foot concession type trailer and cut on site. I am pretty sure we only sold 2 or 3 of our display stuff the money is in the custom stuff we made good money at flea markets though. I would most definitely cut on site!
  8. casperkyle

    Very Cold Day.....

    Here is a job we did today the high was 20 degrees burrr!!!! Here is a before and after pic they just had a banner screwed up there before....
  9. A friend wants this on 18x24 coroplast What would you charge for two sided and for one sided? I will be making it from cut vinyl "651" the pig is 5 colors total. Thanks for any and all input..
  10. casperkyle

    Cleaning Van

    We got $170 thats installed....probably should have got a little more.
  11. I have a guy that wants me to cover the bottom side and around his wheel wells of his van with vinyl. I read that 751 is ok for stripes but not wraps this is kinda like a stripe but wanted to check and see if the 751 would work. Also can you use a heat gun with the 751 like you can with wrap vinyl..thanks for any and all help below is a pic of the van.
  12. casperkyle

    Vinyl Pricer

    Thanks for such a wonderful program. It certainly does make things much easier to figure out. I do have a couple of questions though. On the vinyl pricer worksheet, you have it set up such that the "grand total" includes the cost of materials + markup. It's even on the invoice page, however I can't see a way to add it to the invoice that gets printed so that it's included in the price that the customer would see. Also, is there a way to add the size to the invoice as well. For example, I'm creating a decal that is 6inch square. I would like the invoice to reflect that so the customer can see what it is that they are getting. One last thing, I don't see a way to figure in multiple materials costs. If I'm using 24" Oracal 651 from uscutter in white, it comes at a cost of 20.99 for a 10 yard roll. But if I'm doing a 2 color decal, say with reflective orange. That material comes at a major price difference and I would like to be able to reflect that. Again, great work going here, much more than I could ever do. Everything is greatly appreciated.
  13. Anyone have the Vivaldi font they can share? I have looked all over with no luck on downloading thanks for any and all help..
  14. casperkyle

    2 tiles i made

    I got the alphabet from , the name is a font (garamond) just went to lowes and got ceramic floor tiles and i got the stands at walmart (plate stands) very fun to make and they look awesome!!! The hardest part is getting the vinly to stick to the tile and get the app tape off but once the app tape is off the vinyl adhears just fine i heat the tiles up with a heat gun