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  1. hairyconiption

    Blade Skipping

    Hmm I will try bringing the blade in and see if that helps. I sure hope it does. Thanks
  2. hairyconiption

    Illusctrator CS3 with Mac? Not SignCut...

    If you bought the cutter at uscutter it almost certianly came with some software. Check your documentation for a licence code.
  3. hairyconiption

    Blade Skipping

    I am having the same problem with my pcut. It is really frusterating. If i put the pressure up higher then it just cuts through the paper. I was able to make a slight SLIGHT improvement by adding a small amount of weight in the form of two nuts taped with black tape to the top of my blade holder... I think I am just going to sell this machine and get a new one.
  4. hairyconiption

    need help pricing job

    I usually start at $10 a sq ft and then drop off about 30 bucks to make them feel like they are getting a good deal. I charge $35 an hour to install, and only once has someone not had me do the install.
  5. hairyconiption

    Illustrator Question for layering lettering

    I have had a lot of problems with the internal lettering colors. It seems in illustrator after I trace out the letters, if there are multiple colors there will be an "o" or "a" with the inside a different color than the actual letter was painted.... anyone know how to overcome this?
  6. I would suggest at least a 24" machine. They can do about 90% of what you might ever want to do.
  7. hairyconiption

    Need some advice ... best way to do this?

    That video was great. You move fast!!!
  8. hairyconiption

    Idaho Sign Supplier?

    Thanxs so much!!!
  9. hairyconiption

    Idaho Sign Supplier?

    Hey, can any one help me. The other signs shops in my area all can get there materials in within a day, Any ideas of an Idaho or utah based sign supply company. Thanks
  10. hairyconiption

    freakin' idiot

    I think this forum is the best costumer service I could imagine. So many educated (as in they screwed up first) people to help us all along our way. I second the THANKS!!!
  11. hairyconiption

    Simple Application tape question

    That works well. I ran out of 2 ft app tape a couple weeks back and was moving, but had a HUGE job, I just overlapped the 12" stuff, no problem. Good Luck
  12. hairyconiption

    need help quick!!!

    Make sure you have the right cutter selected. I thought I did when I first started with mine but I had the wrong one installed. ooops
  13. I can vouch for Ken on this one, He has responded every single time I have had any query, and I have had a lot. This counts for both online and on the phone. In my experience, people who ask nicely and contribute, have a better chance of getting a positive response.
  14. hairyconiption


    I guess I gotta start talking more.
  15. hairyconiption

    Decent Chrome Vinyl?

    I have tried a couple types of specialty vinyls and they are all brittle and Bubble when I try cutting them. Is there any chromes out there you guys cna reccomend? Thanks