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  1. Wench

    Swing-arm Cap Heat Press

    Finally had our cap press problem addressed. We purchased the economical swing-arm cap press from US Cutter, and it has always created a permanent crease along the top of caps (the back edge on the press). Couldn't find anything on the forum, and couldn't get technical support from US Cutter. A tech named Benjamin actually told us that "if you buy a car, the dealership won't teach you how to drive" as his reasoning for US Cutter not trying to resolve the faulty machine's problem. But finally got through to a tech named Howard who worked until he figured it out. On the "economical" model, 1) the bottom platen isn't adjustable, and 2) the bottom rubber pad extends past the top plate on the back and front edges. That causes the top metal edge to dig the cloth down into the rubber and create that permanent crease. The real answer of course is that the machine is designed wrong. But as it's been longer than 30 days and we can't afford the "good" press, he came up with the unofficial solution of shaving the rubber down so that the edges 'fall off' and don't hit the upper metal. Will follow-up post to report if it worked.
  2. We are local (don't accidentally call too early or too late) and still have very long hold times. We dread having to try to call. We'll get hung up on sometimes, and have to give up sometimes. Maybe that's their tactic.
  3. I am having the same problem. We purchased a cap heat press by itself (FLHPCP815B) and it's not doing anything right. The hat crown does not seem to fit, so it's making the fabric in the middle crease, it's putting uneven pressure and it not pressing properly around the middle seam. I have tried lower pressure and higher, and it's consistently putting permanent pressure marks around the edges. I clearly need some education to know what I am doing wrong, as this machine did not come with any instructions at all.
  4. I'm new to dye sublimation. I've purchased the Ricoh GX e3300N printer, the SubliJet-R ink package, and the GreenStar transfer paper from US Cutter. I'm following the heat pressing instructions, and am only using white cotton/poly blend fabric, as that's the setup I purchased. I've set the color settings in Photoshop per instructions, and selected Saturation under Intent. Under the printer settings, I've also selected saturation. I've even tryed over-saturated the image in Photoshop before sending it to print. And I've tried printing from both a RGB file and CMYK. But I'm still getting faded, washed out colors. Can anyone give any suggestions for what I'm missing or doing wrong? Thank you, Andee