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  1. I just upgraded my pcut to a zencut green. Have it all set-up and am cutting files fine. Trying to contour cut with Flixi 7.5 and am not having success. I am using the test file that came with the cutter but I am not sure how to make it detect the marks? I print the file on my Epson Wf1100 and then try to cut but the printer does not look for the registration marks. How do you get the software to tell the printer to look for the registration marks? Any help would be appreciated. I did a search and did not find anything that is helping. I do have signblazer as well but I don't think that does contour cutting. I also have signcut that came with the cutter but since I have not used that software I thought I would use flexi. thanks Jim
  2. jwalters69

    Flexi - solid letters

    Thanks! That worked. I appreciate the help. I was getting so frustrated. Jim
  3. jwalters69

    Flexi - solid letters

    Greetings. quick question. I am trying to print a simple text banner with Flexi. when printing the letters are just outlines and not solid colors. Is there a way to make them a solid color for printing? thanks Jim
  4. Great ideas. I like the chorplast with grommets and suction cups. Are the suction cups available at the local stores or do you special order them? I think the strip mall prohibits a-frames. thanks Jim
  5. Greetings. I have a customer that wants to display names of items she sells IE: "Dog Collars" , "Dog Food" etc, but does not want vinyl applied to the windows. even when explaining that it can be removed she is firm in nothing on the windows. She would really like to use static clings that are re-usable as she would like to change the words now and then but I don't know of a good product for that. I was thinking banners; but I am not sure how to hang them on the inside of the window without taping them up which would look tacky. do they make some kind of suction cup that would hold the banner tight? Any ideas would be appreciated. Jim
  6. I was having trouble contour cutting as well. What I found was that the software would not handle it. At first I tried Sign Blazer which seems like it has a print and cut feature but I could not get it to work. I then tried another software program but could not get it to work. I then used Flexi and I can contour cut now. I do not have a laser pointer but have to manually line it up (works best with the pen installed). seems to work pretty darn good. I use a Pcut 24", Flexi and a workforce 1100 printer. In Flexi there is a contour cut option. When I first bought the cutter I was not really planning on doing contour cutting but now it seems that customer demand has driven me to do that as well. Jim
  7. jwalters69

    WF1100 Print length

    greetings everyone. I have been using my workforce 1100 for a awhile now. I am having trouble printing objects that are bigger than 11X17. I use flexi and set the material to what size I have but If I have a print that is bigger than a normal page it prints it to 2 or more pages. I thought you could print up to 43 or 44 inches with the workforce. Any pointers would be helpful. thanks Jim
  8. jwalters69

    WF1100 Paper feed issues

    I layed the vinyl flat overnight. I then put the piece of cardboard that came in my 11X17 photo paper in first then put the vinyl in. I also held it up with my hand so that it did not bend on its own weight. it worked! I finished the job. laminated them and they look great just like all the prints that come out of this printer. thanks for the help. How do you guys laminate larger prints? I placed the laminate sticky side up and layed the print on top of it and that seemed to work pretty well. Wondering if you had other succesful ways? thanks again. Jim
  9. jwalters69

    WF1100 Paper feed issues

    Tried this last night but still had the same issue. I cut a piece of vinyl 12X18 then cut each end on my rotary cutter to be sure they are square. Paper still fed wrong and ends up feeding around and back up by the print head. I then put a piece of 11X17 photo paper in and it worked fine. Any more ideas?
  10. jwalters69

    WF1100 Paper feed issues

    Hello. After everyone's suggestions I have purchased a wf1100. I have been happy with it printing smaller items. I have starting trying to print some 11X17 vinyl graphics and am having trouble getting the vinyl to feed. I am using Mactac vinyl. I have ruined about 12 feet today trying to get this paper to feed. I thought it was the paper curl from being on a roll so I would cut the pieces and place them under my large cutting matt overnight to make them flat, but I am still having the issue. I then tried placing paper behind it so it was not trying to feed the one sheet but it still either curls a corner and jams or feeds up behind the printhead causing jams. Any suggestions? Jim
  11. jwalters69

    Color decal contour cutting with SB

    Will it work with other software? Or can you not countour cut with the P-Cut regardless of software?
  12. With everyone's advice here (thanks) I purchased an Epson WF1100. Love the print quality. I am having trouble though contour cutting with sign blazer. Here is what I am doing: 1. take color graphic or text that I have cut in the past. 2. Printed in SB with crop marks in each corner. placed print in cutter. 3. Picked Cut a print in SB 4. followed on screen directions and moved cutter to crop marks as stated on the screen 5. Hit cut then either nothing happens or it does all the cutting on first .5 inches of print.... What am I doing wrong? I know SB is probably not the best software to do this but I am assuming it can be done. Can someone help me get this done then once I am comfortable at it what would be an affordable software to do these decals. i have a p-cut that I have had for over a year and can do cut vinyl no problem.. Thanks. Jim
  13. Simple design but I really like the black banner with the white lettering. Took about 3 hours to cut, weed, assemble. The top words have very thin lines and were hard to apply and weed. I think the customer will like it.
  14. jwalters69

    Contour cutting with SB

    I just bought a WF1100. Thanks for all the advice. It seems to be a great printer. CISS helped me greatly. I am trying to do some contour cutting with Signblazer and my pcut. Problem is when I add the registration marks in SB it puts them in each corner of the print. When I do the cut a print option SB wants me to advance the blade to the bottom left and bottom right of the print, but that is past where the rollers are (if that makes sense). I know a few of you will say to buy flexi, but I really don't want to buy it yet. Is there a way to move the reg marks on the print? I changed the paper size from 8.5 X 11 to user defined but I can't seem to adjust so the marks are not on the edge. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  15. jwalters69

    Workfdorce 1100 questions

    I am sure these questions have been answered but in my searches I could not. I am thinking of buying a workforce 1100 so I can print smaller decals. If customer wants a large decal or 50 of each I would out source... 1. Can I print with the cartridges that come with it on to vinyl ( I am assuming something like 3M IJ180 or an Orajet?) 2. Assuming I can I would need to laminate with spray on or a roll on laminate? 3. Do you buy the material in a 30" width and cut it down or what material would you buy to print smaller decals? Just wondering as I need a printer anyway so I thought if I can get one that can do small decals that would be a bonus. thanks Jim