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  1. UpNorthPromo

    Font Identification

    Works for me! Thanks for your help
  2. UpNorthPromo

    Font Identification

    Anyone recognize the font in "Leased to"? I know Ive used it before cause I did the orginal lettering in the picture 3 years ago but cannot remeber the name and no longer have the art on file. Thanks!
  3. UpNorthPromo


    The pee is piped outside into a buried bleach bottle with holes in it surrounded by rocks. No need to flush just through in a urinal cake and it does the trick
  4. UpNorthPromo


    Here is my latest creation. My garage urinal! Dont mind the cords one is runing is running to the kegerator and one to the sandblast cabinet. I got a male and female on there (yes both have used it).
  5. UpNorthPromo

    HotMark vs. Thermoflex Plus

    Themoflex can be removed alot easier then hotmark. Hotmark leaves glues behind.
  6. UpNorthPromo

    Need cabinets and font name

    A customer of mine wanted me to start from scratch with art then just sent me somthing to match. The font name is common and I have seen it alot but am drawing a blank. Also do any of you have some decent cabinet clip art similar to the attached files? I nothing that looks decent. Thank you!
  7. UpNorthPromo

    heat press question

    I have a regular heat press, and a hat press. I use the one press for shirts all of the time, but for hats I usually find a wholesale embrioder for me. A press for mugs is useless unless you have a printer for sublimation.
  8. UpNorthPromo


    If I precut I usually don't weed them. I used wax paper before between them. I didn't store them too long but it worked.
  9. UpNorthPromo

    magnetic sheets

    I have used both. The .030 seems to be a stronger magent from the brans I have worked with. They also don't feel as "cheap" alough I paid more for some gerber .015. Probably just the name!
  10. Rex, could you let me know too! Thanks
  11. UpNorthPromo

    Need a design

    This may be asking too much, but I have a coustomer who is going to place a pretty large order that I wouild like to get. He gave me a website to go off of and wants me to come up with somthing. I am not creative at all. Just looking for ideas, its a pretty blank slate. You don't need to draw anything up just some input, he needs coroplast yard signs and magnetics for trucks. The website is http://www.countertopscabinetsandmore.net Thanks alot!
  12. UpNorthPromo

    Celtic Knotwork

    Any chance you can post that file. I'm etching some beer bottles for my brother-in-laws home brew. It might be too detailed but that is what he is looking for. Thanks!
  13. UpNorthPromo

    Online Store

    I have a site I did with zen-cart. I have no idea how I did it. I have no clue about building a website but I make a lot of sales off it so it must work.
  14. UpNorthPromo

    Octagon For Security Sign

    If you are looking for a quantity of them to have them printed for you wholesale I believe Stouse has them (Stouse.com)