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  1. I made it a point to only upgrade if I can pay in cash. I refuse to go into debt just to write off a tax. If I have it bought out right then it is mine, I don't have to worry about the economy taking a down turn and having to let the equipment go back to the company, ruin the credit of the business, and also all the money spent while able to afford it. I see it as the big business and cronyism of the government that has duped the people into thinking there is an incentive to having debt so they can continue profiting off the masses. No thank you. If I can't afford it in cash then it is not my time to grow as a business owner. Think about it this way....Interest never sleeps, never takes a vacation throughout the life of the loan. Yet you need to sleep and would like to take a vacation. So that isn't a fair trade in the deal.
  2. Yea it is always tempting. Here in my city there is a guy and girl that set up a booth in the local mall and do heat transfers that are all stolen off the computer they have set up. I know for a fact that calls had been made by others to the companies and ball teams about their fraud and nothing has been done about it. It makes you think screw it and what if I do it. However this is my take on it and I have told the rest this. You can do it and get away with it up to a point. Large companies are not going to waste their time legally going after someone that is small time. However once they see you in the big league they will come knocking and wipe your butt with their lawsuit for back pay.
  3. krikster

    How fast is too fast?

    I like this a lot! I am going to start using it for my business. Too many people think wally world pricing will sustain a nation or an economy. How untrue that is in reality. If you think I am crazy then take a look around at how many business that live by that standard has left people in America without a job. So I tell people; you can go to someone and buy cheap like you think you are doing, however people like wally world pays low and on top of that instructs their employees how to get on the welfare system as well. So technically you spend more after having to pay higher taxes to compensate for the welfare system to make up the differences they are not willing to pay. They look stunned after I tell them that and they realize they are still paying higher for the items.
  4. I have never had anyone inquire about my services form instagram or twitter. I sure get a lot of people wanting to follow me that I don't follow back or they want me to follow them and I don't back. It is not a good thing if you have less followers than you are following. People are weird like that and think you are not successful if you are the follower and not the leader. It is sad, but true. That is why I try to balance how many I will follow until I get more followers. Still never once has anyone inquired, they have liked my images, but not inquired. So not a good way to spend your time advertising. Mainly I use them to try and build my ranking on my site. Best way is to get word of mouth. It can take a year to get people to trust in you, but it will happen if you are really wanting to put in the time it takes to feel like you are spinning your wheels.
  5. Illustrator has this issue with some text and shapes having multiple points on top of each other. I have had this happen to me when I go to clean up art for screen printing or other things I am doing with it. You pretty much need to select the shape go to object > path > join or command J on mac.....control J on PC. See if that works, then you can try selecting the object then click on object > flatten transparency > choose 100% for raster/vector balance hit ok..... then click unite in the pathfinder window. see if that works for you.
  6. krikster

    My weekend finishing job that took almost 2 years lol

    Nice work!
  7. krikster


    Nice work here for sure!!
  8. Looks good to me. Very clean. What cutter do you use?
  9. krikster

    Eagle Head

    That looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing
  10. krikster

    how do i apply double layers of vinyl?

    As for the registration concept. tha tis hard since what works for some doesn't work for others. I have used crop marks, but I find them to be a pain. I eyeball mostly, but with something that is intricate then use measurements and break it down to smaller portions. That is how we do banners and it seems to work fine. There are ways to mark your work and substrate that will clean off without leaving residue. We use masking tape when we measure out and mark the tape, then we peel the tape off.
  11. krikster

    how do i apply double layers of vinyl?

    I can see you are one to have a high turnover rate in your business with how you post on here to everyone about ethics, yet you are failing in that department. The only people that are against moonlighting are the ones that are insecure of their abilities in the business realm. We have a constitution of the United States that allows people to work for someone and also do their own work on the side. So what... the work could go to who he works for, if he does it on his own he will make a lot more money than sending it to the other company. That isn't rocket science. No one can stop anyone from making an income as long as it is not illeagal. He has the right to not talk about the moonlighting due to people that want to cry about it and fire them for it. We all have families to take care of and working for someone doesn't make the bills most of the time. We hire people to help us with our work, not to dictate the amount of money they need to provide for themselves and for their family. You might want to think about the concept of ETHICS before you bash others. ETHICS is a two way street. Remember WWJD slice n' dice
  12. krikster

    US Cutter, I don't get the hooplah...

    I find it admirable of USC to allow people to complain about their products, because that shows they have nothing to hide. I find it a bit odd if a company can't allow the bad as well as the good to be viewed or talked about(can we say Hitler or Stalin or Mao and the like ). There is nothing perfect in this world and those companies that make their stuff look like they are perfect I tend to stay away from. If I can't find bad things said about a company I am looking into doing business with I will run far away from them. That is how I measure a good company is if they let the negative and positive be known and how they take care of the issues at hand. Yes I can say I have had my learning curve with my cutter I bought from this company...(through Amazon since the girl I know from Australia sent me a gift card to get it for my birthday)...But I am learning it slowly and trying to get paying jobs to help offset my low income till I can make it in this business full time. Thanks for this forum and all those that contribute to the questions and issues that come up and all the great stuff this forum has to offer those willing to take the time to make this thing work like I am!!! Keep up the good work USC and everyone on this forum!!!
  13. Ok I have got an idea through the vinyl calculators I have gotten from this site when it comes to the price of the first part of this job, but I am wanting to get an idea of what you all would charge to see how far off I am. I am doing a project for a local company here in town, They want their front sign redone, a graphic on their front window (inside glass), and a sign on each side of their building. I still have to get the measurements for the side signs, and the exact size of the window decal. My size I have come up with for the window decal (just a guesstament) is 78"w x 24"h (6.5ft x 2ft)....The front sign at the top of the building will be 480"w x 48"h (40ft x 4ft). Now the large sign is the sqft of the sign aluminum on the building. Naturally I just used the sqft and that way I included the waste as well. I what would you charge for that kind of a job in vinyl, what would be your labor cost of install (I have to rent one of those bucket lifts to instal it up on the building) That I am charging $250 for for 1 day. The owner will be painting over the original with I think oil base paint. Will the vinyl still stick on that? Cast vinyl would be what needs to be used to cut out the shrinkage for what I am lead to I right?
  14. krikster

    My contribution to the site

    Not a problem!!! I haven't tried cutting yet myself, but interested in seeing it on vinyl!!! I did a lime green punisher logo for my nephew's XBox today!!! Looks really cool with the contrast!!!
  15. krikster

    Yay, my first vinyl T-shirt

    Good to know that if I ever do the shirt thing to make sure the vinyl is the right way before pressing it!!! Knowing me I would have done the same thing too!!!