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  1. Luvmydane

    What font is used in Drink and Hand?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Luvmydane

    What font is used in Drink and Hand?

    Can anyone tell me the font used in Drink and Hand in this layout, or something close? I purchased this layout but need to put something on the backside of a glass and would like to match the font. Any help is appreciated. sun_sand_drink_hand_kh.svg
  3. I am trying to make a template for a shot glass I saw a youtube video where she was using the wrapper tool/function, but I can't find it. I am brand new to the SCA program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have SCA Pro 3 that came with my cutter
  4. Luvmydane

    Koozie Drink Holders

    Thank you for your input. I need to use different color ones and I think it would be too much weeding with the HTV as my plan is to be making hundreds of these. I think I might need to learn screen printing =(
  5. I am wanting to add Koozie drink holders to my business and was wondering if any one is familiar with how to print on them. I have looked at two ways, pad printing and screen printing, any ideas?
  6. Luvmydane

    Looking for Coral Vinyl

    Thank you to both of you. I will look at the 951 as it is not for a wall, it is for a sign and it is okay if it is permanent.
  7. Luvmydane

    Looking for Coral Vinyl

    Does anyone know where I can purchase coral vinyl? I usually use Oracal 631 but they do not have a coral and I am asked for it often. Any ideas?
  8. Luvmydane

    What is the basket option on the Pcut used for?

    Thank you so much for your input!
  9. I am thinking of buying the PCUT, I will purchase with a stand, but was wondering what the basket option is for and do I need it? Thank you
  10. Luvmydane

    Error Intializing Cutter

    How do I check my port settings? Could this happen, even though I was cutting and then just changed vinyl and then when I cut the next one it started giving me the message? Thank you for your help.
  11. Luvmydane

    Error Intializing Cutter

    I have plugged and unplugged several times, already, no luck. I wonder if there are any settings I am not aware of that may have got changed. This is the first time I have had this problem that won't correct.
  12. Luvmydane

    Error Intializing Cutter

    I have a Creation PCUT that I have had for 3 years and use often. Last night in I cut several items and then went to cut another and I got the message "Can not open the output device. Error intializing cutter" when I have got this in the past I turned off my computer and restarted and everything was okay, this time I cannot get it to work. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, Thanks so much!
  13. Luvmydane

    Do you know the name of this font?

    I purchased this saying as an eps.layout but now I have a customer who would like something else in the font of like the "Mother" does any one know the name of it?
  14. Luvmydane

    Do you know the name of this font

    c I am looking for the name of the font for the Married.
  15. Luvmydane

    First attempt at sandblast

    I bought my sandblaster last week and made etched pyrex pans for a auction our church had for a girls camp fundraiser and the next day made a set for a bridal shower gift. Great way to advertise, already have several people wanting them now. I was so busy I didn't get pictures, but now I have an excuse to make some for myself.