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  1. Luvmydane

    Small Dots Printing on paper

    The lines are very consistent so I am thinking it is a roller issue. I have run nozzle check and also cleaned a few times just to make sure. I have been trying to figure it all all day. I bought the machine a month ago and saw the lines, but I was having other issues and actually thought I was burning the fabric, when I finally got the other issue resolved and watched a great beginners youtube video, I realized it was actually printing on the paper but was so fine I could not see it until we put it on fabric. Of course the seller is not helping at all, and I absolutely realize you get what you pay for. I thought I was safe as a friend purchased first and had no issues. I just wanted something very entry level and would move up if we made any money from it. Thank you for trying to help me, I truly appreciate it. Shelley
  2. Luvmydane

    Small Dots Printing on paper

    Epson WF 2750
  3. Does any one know what is causing these dots on my sublimation printer? I have only had it a month and was too busy trying to figure out times etc didn't notice them until now. I thought I was burning the polyester, but now I see it is on the paper
  4. Luvmydane

    Help with Scorching

    Thank you so much!
  5. Luvmydane

    Help with Scorching

    I did check the temp with an IR gun and we are pretty accurate there. Do you know off hand what a good time and temp is for a polyester shirt? Thank you for responding earlier!
  6. Luvmydane

    Help with Scorching

    I am new to sublimation and I am having issues with scorching. Any help and insight is appreciated. I mostly get the scorching at the top of the shirt along the top edge of where the top of the transfer paper was, periodically I will get it on the side but not too often. I have tried to adjust the pressure but that just was a mess, and the temperature adjustment then makes the color not so vivid. Should I lower the temp but keep it in longer? Would that help? I have worked on this for days without success, just when I think I got it BOOM it messes us any help would be great! Refuse to sell anything until I have this down
  7. Luvmydane

    100% Polyester Tanks

    Thank you, I also use JiffyShirts and love them. Do you mind telling me which tanks you use? I have ordered a few and they feel more like athletic wear than the cotton feel I am looking for. I have used the tshirts from them that feel like cotton but have not found the tank. Any advice is appreciated, looking for 100% polyester so I can sublimate on it without fading post wash.
  8. Can anyone give me suggestions on where to buy 100% polyester tanks, that feel more like cotton. Thank you in advance. Also looking for same in onesies
  9. Luvmydane

    What font is used in Drink and Hand?

    Thank you so much!
  10. Luvmydane

    What font is used in Drink and Hand?

    Can anyone tell me the font used in Drink and Hand in this layout, or something close? I purchased this layout but need to put something on the backside of a glass and would like to match the font. Any help is appreciated. sun_sand_drink_hand_kh.svg
  11. I am trying to make a template for a shot glass I saw a youtube video where she was using the wrapper tool/function, but I can't find it. I am brand new to the SCA program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have SCA Pro 3 that came with my cutter
  12. Luvmydane

    Koozie Drink Holders

    Thank you for your input. I need to use different color ones and I think it would be too much weeding with the HTV as my plan is to be making hundreds of these. I think I might need to learn screen printing =(
  13. I am wanting to add Koozie drink holders to my business and was wondering if any one is familiar with how to print on them. I have looked at two ways, pad printing and screen printing, any ideas?
  14. Luvmydane

    Looking for Coral Vinyl

    Thank you to both of you. I will look at the 951 as it is not for a wall, it is for a sign and it is okay if it is permanent.
  15. Luvmydane

    Looking for Coral Vinyl

    Does anyone know where I can purchase coral vinyl? I usually use Oracal 631 but they do not have a coral and I am asked for it often. Any ideas?