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  1. heritagedesigns

    New PC- installing cutter and SB again

    Any suggestions on getting my old SBD files transferred over from the old computer?
  2. heritagedesigns

    New PC- installing cutter and SB again

    You saved my life! I had been looking for something. The instructions the cutter came with are old and really don't make much sense. Thanks so much!
  3. heritagedesigns

    New PC- installing cutter and SB again

    It's been a while since I have had to do this. I have SignBlazer installed and put in my CD to install the drivers for the cutter. I am not sure if the drivers are installing or not. Anywho, when I go to cut I get an error that says, "Cannot open the output device. Error initializing cutter." I get this error on my old pc when I forget to plug the cutter in, so I'm guessing that the new PC is not picking up the cutter. Any suggestions? New PC has Windows 8. I have a PCUT Creation CTN630
  4. If so, what are you using? I've used several different things and I finally decided to use regular vinyl for the stencil (cost, user-friendly, etc.) but am having a hard time with the paint bleeding through the stencil. Anyone have any suggestions? What product do you use? Any tips for bleeding through, etc.? THANKS!!!
  5. heritagedesigns

    Reusable Stencil

    Hi! I am trying to cut some stencil but I have read on the information to several of the stencil materials they are reusable. I am wondering if someone can give me some instructions on how to cut a reusable stencil in Signblazer. I'm wondering how it it works on "o's" and things like that. Thanks so much!
  6. heritagedesigns

    Reusable stencil

    Hi Guys! I'm new to cutting stencils. I see the adhesive backed stencil rolls and I want to try it out but I am not sure how you can have a "reusable" stencil and keep the letters (like "O's") and what not in place. So I guess my question is, what the the proceedure for using a "reusable" stencil? Do I have to do something different when I'm cutting? I know I need a 60 degree blade, but my main question is application and taking off so we can reuse. Thanks for ANY help!
  7. heritagedesigns

    Celtic Crosses

  8. heritagedesigns

    Bare Trees

  9. heritagedesigns

    Bare Trees

    I'm looking for some bare trees to put flowers and different colors on and put in my nursery. Does anyone have anything that might help? Thanks so much!!
  10. heritagedesigns

    Celtic Crosses

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some Celtic crosses to put together something for a customer. Does anyone have any they would be willing to share or can direct me to some? I haven't had much luck finding something I like on Google or searching on here. Thanks a TON!!!
  11. heritagedesigns

    Dry Erase Vinyl

    Does anyone know if US Cutter sells dry erase vinyl or what the difference is in the dry erase vinyl and the "Oracal 651 White vinyl"?