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    Why cant i inport eps image ?

    FYI, I updated the SCALP program from v3.052 to v3.053 and no dice on opening the original eps file. I guess I will just have to run them through AI first and convert to svg.
  2. whmeade10

    Why cant i inport eps image ?

    I got it to open by opening it in AI CS5 then saving it as a .svg. It then opened no problem in SCALP. I am going to go ahead and install the downloaded version and see if it opens the original eps file. Thanks for quick reply jaybird!
  3. whmeade10

    Why cant i inport eps image ?

    I have an EPS file that SCALP won't open and the program was installed from disk. I downloaded the latest version from Promise's link above. Do I need to deactivate SCALP on my computer before installing the latest donloaded version? or will it upgrade the installed version without messing up the activation?
  4. whmeade10

    Joining Cursive Letters

    Thanks guys, the weld option worked great! I just need to make sure that I have the program in 'Shw Outlines Only' so I can tell if letters need to be welded.
  5. whmeade10

    Joining Cursive Letters

    I just started cutting tonight on my LaserPoint II with Cuts A Lot Pro and everything was going good until I cut some cursive font. Is there a was to join the letters between "arie"? The vinyl weeded ok but you can still see the cut marks between those letters. Thanks, Bill