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  1. Vinyl Customs

    Before & After Of Recent Work

    The van is long, the lettering is 20" x 9' 6" , and there is still plenty of room for more, but customer wanted to keep it simple and clean
  2. Vinyl Customs

    Before & After Of Recent Work

    Before & After Pics Of Van I Completed Over The Weekend
  3. Vinyl Customs

    Help identifying this font, Please!!!

    That helps knowing part of it is a font, i need to know the name of the font, not wanting for free, i will pay for it, buy it, i need it for this customer, they have no idea what it is, but i get the job if i can find it, i have spent hours looking at font sites with no luck yet, still looking though. Thanks!!!
  4. Vinyl Customs

    Help identifying this font, Please!!!

    Any one have any idea what this font is, I have looked every where, tried what the font , no luck, searched the net, no luck, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  5. Vinyl Customs

    Batman Joker(heath ledger)

    Does anyone have a EPS or AI file of the joker from batman (heath Ledger) any help would be greatly Appreciated Thank You!
  6. I'm looking to buy my first heat press, i have found a 16x24 auto open with slide out table at, Wondering if any one has heard of this product Good or bad, would the 15x15 or 16x24 be best, just trying to make the best decision before i spend the money. any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!
  7. Vinyl Customs

    Need some advice !!!

    I have a potential customer that wants to put their logo on the stepping surface of a plyometric jump box used for doing step ups, jump ups, and various other exercises in a commercial gym setting, don't know if vinyl is the right way to go, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!!
  8. Vinyl Customs

    Team Spirit Yard Signs

    Yes it is wood base coated with 2 coats latex enamel, Applied vinyl, 2 coats frog juice. I get $30.00 each for singles, 10 or more $25.00 each
  9. Vinyl Customs

    Team Spirit Yard Signs

    Here are 3 of 30 team spirit yard signs I sold to local baseball association!
  10. Vinyl Customs

    Cornhole boards

    Just Google american cornhole association its all explained there
  11. Vinyl Customs

    Cornhole boards

    2 coats frog juice
  12. Vinyl Customs

    Cornhole boards

    Just finished these boards, I donated them to local baseball fund raising event !!!
  13. Vinyl Customs

    Baseball Jersey

    Wondering if anyone might have a baseball jersey in EPS or AI format, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Vinyl Customs

    Race car hood, 40x40, 3-layer

    Just installed today