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  1. Chad

    Sharpie on Vinyl

    Of course, the Sharpie brand is the only way to go. Sharpie does have a line of markers made for use on high gloss posters that hold its color really well. Problem is, it only comes in 4 colors. I'm not sure if the a high gloss poster is equivalent to high gloss vinyl. My guess is that its not knowing how this world works, lol. I'll play around with it, try some things for color and see what works best. I'll get some Matte vinyl and have at it, lol. Funny thing, bought the cutter, bought the vinyl, forgot to buy transfer tape, lol. We'll see what I come up with in the coming weeks. Btw, can you run vinyl through a traditional inkjet printer? If you can, it'll make life much easier.
  2. Chad

    Sharpie on Vinyl

    So a sharpie will work with the cutter/plotter, obviously, lol. I got the idea from Billys topic Crab Plotter Art topic. Thanks a bunch! However, I have this great idea of "printing" color onto vinyl with this particular cutter/plotter. If you plot the color onto the vinyl, you, obviously, have color on the vinyl. Then just go back through and cut the outline for the vinyl. Walla, you got a vinyl sticker with color. Pretty sweet if you ask me. It'll take a slight bit more time than using a cutter with printing capabilites, but for the price of this cutter/plotter, much worth it. Not only that, Sharpies are cheaper than ink cartridges for cutter/printers. Now I just gotta find the right sharpie to use for vinyl. Considering they make million different kinds, lol. I"ll post pictures of my work with this, hopefully by next week.