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  1. remus

    Ricoh with sawgrass gel ink for ricoh

    I just printed for the first time in months myself and the sg800 printed perfect. I recently built a large cnc router so i got sidetracked on sublimation for awhile. Coming from the epson world i was very impressed that it printed well being idle so long. If it was an Epson it would have been another boat anchor lol
  2. remus

    Solar Gaiters

    LOL....I never knew that's what they were called either, until recently, I have been seeing the finished product around here for awhile, i just always called them facemasks. They are popular with bikers, fishermen, hunters, construction workers etc.
  3. remus

    Solar Gaiters

    I bought a case of solar gaiters with SPF 50+ the other week ( live in Texas, they should sell well) & just got in the paper needed to press them. This will be my first time designing & pressing gaiters. Anyone here done any? Any tips for a good outcome? I can see getting a full bleed print could be a pain (not to mention ink cost lol). They are not the cheapest things in the world so figured i would ask here before experimenting.
  4. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    opps this was supposed to be attached to the above post, my bad
  5. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    I have always pressed my metal face up, but have tried face down and this is one of signchicken's at 365 @70 sec came out nice....will be pressing all my metal face down from now on....guess old dogs can learn new tricks....thanks yall
  6. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    From signchicken i got 8x10's, small shields & business cards....from digital i got some 8x12's
  7. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    I lowered the temp to 365 for 60 sec with light pressure and finally got some sell-able signs. It didn't totally cure all the blotching but it cleared up 95% of it, although the red color is not quite as deep so a slightly longer dwell would have been ideal. Interesting Digital Grafx suggests pressing face down, i have some of their signs on the way. Wonder if its something with the UV coatings that the direct heat messes up. I would try that with the signchicken blanks but i am out now.
  8. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    I didnt even receive a chart from them, i just pressed like i do other aluminum blanks 400@60sec. The blank one i did at 400@about 50sec. I have more blanks i will try a lower temp & ease back the pressure and report back. Thanks for all the assistance
  9. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    They do come with a protective covering, that i peeled off....I wiped down the blank one i pressed with rubbing alcohol cause i thought it might have been residue from the protective coating causing the blotchy spots, but it came out with the same spots. I have emailed & left a voicemail with the signchicken guy but have received no response.
  10. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    Here is the issue i was talking about, you can see it clearly right at the spot of the light. It's all over but really stands out when light hits it. Any idea what would be causing this? and it even appears on a blank one i pressed, my only guess is it's the coating.
  11. remus

    sublimation printer

    It is the sublimation or pigment inks used, regular dye inks (that comes with them) work great & really never clog
  12. remus

    sublimation printer

    Had a software program that purged it daily to avoid clogged heads (which worked for the most part) but once they clogged a few times seems like it happened more often, really had more clogging issues with my pigment ink setup then sublimation setup but they was both from Cobra. This was a few yrs ago & back then Cobra's ICC profiles was iffy at best, they might be better now i have no idea. As when i was using them they was an underground operation due to the Sawgrass patent. For the money they work, but after getting this new SG800 i could never go back to small format Epson's
  13. remus

    sublimation metal signs

    I will take a few pics tomorrow and post them here, if it shows up in a pic. I pressed a chromaluxe 8x10 panel from conde and it came out flawless.
  14. remus

    sublimation printer

    I had a Cobra setup before and had clogging issues at times & a huge stack of wasted paper from daily purges, but my main problem was getting constant color reproduction. It was always a crap shoot on how close i could colors & i quit sublimation because of it. I just recently purchased an SG800 from Sawgrass and the color output of this thing is spectacular, in all the time i run Cobra's i have never had a color output like this. Havnt had it long enough to give an in depth review of it, but so far i am very happy with it Cobra's are way cheaper to buy and refill with ink, but way more of a hassle IMHO.
  15. remus


    if its poly then yes, the closer to 100% poly the better, but i have sublimated as low as 50% poly before, just gives a more vintage look. With that said i have never sublimated any poly twill but if i remember correctly i have read of others who have on different forums.