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  1. JLDesigns

    My First Real Vinyl

    Love it, that's a great idea!
  2. Could any help me...I need to have the wings and revolvers vectorized?
  3. Wow, I've been out of the business for awhile and wanted to get back into this! My small office is looking for tshirts for our installers. Need about 30 mens on ash gray. The logo is pretty simple with just lettering..curious what's the most profitable way to get these done. I have a heat press but curious if it'll be worth the price of having to purchase the 3 colored rolls of siser weed at $35ea? Any thoughts?
  4. JLDesigns

    Recycling Symbol

    I quickly tried to draw one on AI, but definitely not good at it... wondering if anyone would be willing and able to produce something like this. PM if you are how much you would charge.
  5. JLDesigns

    Recycling Symbol

    I quickly tried to draw one on AI, but definitely not good at it... recycle emblem.eps recycle emblem.eps
  6. JLDesigns

    Recycling Symbol

    I'm looking for a recycling symbol that and right pointing arrow that circles down the left, so kinda like an O with a dash. Anyone have an idea for me?
  7. JLDesigns

    Help anyone?

    Can anyone help, looking for a border like this, or traced. I need a border somewhat like this to a 2ftx2ft sign border.svg border.svg
  8. JLDesigns


    Curious, I pressed from transfer from an Epson 1100 and they are shiny and smooth on the shirt. Is that he way it's suppose to look? I've had one come out where the image is on the shirt but no shiny feeling?
  9. This will be my first at T-shirt transfer that I have printed, besides the Art Brands and such. Is this image even possible to print? I'm needing 20 maybe a few more, this is for my little 'town' of Seabeck, WA we raise money all year to put on a really good Fireworks show! Also, open for suggestions on how to go about getting this designs on to T-Shirts! http://www.emeraldcpu.com/zman3/fireworksposter4shirts.png this is the link where the picture is, I can get this in a jpeg this was all I had with me at this time! Thanks, Jess JLDesigns
  10. JLDesigns

    Can someone help?!

    Yeah, Sasquatch! My brothers an avid fly fisherman and a big guy so he came up with this! I can't seem to get clean enough to cut so I can put it on a shirt for him. Can anyone help?
  11. JLDesigns

    How do I....

    I did, but Thank You! I'm sure I'll need more help in the future!!
  12. JLDesigns

    Can someone help?!

    I have this image my brother has and I need to somehow get vinyl ready and not quite sure how to go about this....can anyone help?
  13. JLDesigns

    Frog Juice?

    What type of liquid laminate is the best for inkjet printing? I see Frog Juice then the spray, brush on, green cap, pink cap....kinda confused! Where is the cheapest place to buy this, or is there a different brand that I should look at?
  14. JLDesigns

    24 or bigger?

    I have a 24" cutter and I buy the 24" rolls of colors I generally use more of like White. I have purchased 15", especially if it's for a certain project. I've never had a problem with the 15" especially since I can cut it length wise and generally it's 10yds, so a 24" qoute is not problem.
  15. JLDesigns

    First sandblast

    I actually found some aluminum water bottles at the Dollar Tree yesterday, we tested and they don't leak and Oracal 651 holds really well, even in Dishwasher (which you are't suppose to do with the aluminum water bottles)