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  1. Cable Tech

    MH721 is Junk

    I have had a 721 for about a year now. I pray every time i turn it on that it will work properly. So far so good. I have paid for it twice over just by doing stuff for family and friends. I realize that if it quit today, that i would be content and probably look for spending more for a better cutter like a graphtec, Roland, etc... Sorry to hear about the cutter, but we get what we pay for. good luck
  2. Cable Tech

    Need a drill bit

    How about this one.. DRILLBIT.EPS DRILLBIT.EPS
  3. Cable Tech

    USB Cable or SERIAL Cable?

    Serial all the way. If your computer doesn't have a serial port, then buy a serial expansion card or buy a used computer that has one and dedicate that computer just to cut with.
  4. Cable Tech

    Vinyl Installation Instructions

    Not a problem. I didn't create it, but I looked all over for it. It took me a while to find it. I'm not even sure where I found it So I can't give anyone credit. I think it is the best one I've ever seen so far. Plus it is small and can slip easily into finished vinyl packages.
  5. Cable Tech

    Epson Workforce 1100 + MH721 (Contour Cutting)

    I may be wrong but I didn't think the MH-721 supported contour cutting. I havent kept up on the forums lately and maybe something has changed with this cutter?? I thought only the laserpoint worked for contour cutting in this level of cutter. If it does, someone enlighten me on how to get it to work. :-
  6. Cable Tech

    I designed these business cards,

    I am no professional by no means. Just giving you my opinion. I think the phone number needs to come down. Kinda blends in with the white shadow of the cat. Kinda hard to see at the first glance. Other than that i think that it is nice!!
  7. Well I happen to have Flexi 8.1 and the 721 Refine also and I have been cutting with no problems. I am using a serial cable. Don't mess with USB. No drivers needed. When setting up your cutter in Flexi, just select a ROLAND cutter and then the PNC-1000 model. The Refine isn't listed but this works fine... Have fun with Flexi. Since I got it It's the only program I use now.
  8. Cable Tech

    Vinyl Installation Instructions

    Here is the one I use: instructions.pdf instructions.pdf
  9. Cable Tech

    graphic collection

    I guess he stopped filling requests. No response at all. ah well......
  10. Does anyone have this in .eps by chance please??
  11. Cable Tech

    graphic collection

    Request has been yesterday. I haven't received them and don't want to call and bug you. I would be willing to pay something for each one if you would ask. There are some clips here that I just haven't seen anywhere else.
  12. Cable Tech

    MY MH721

    That makes me feel better. I've had one for a few months now with no problems at all. It runs perfectly and consistently. It doesn't cut very small detail very good, weeding is a nightmare, but getting the clean cut blade helped a lot. I don't use mine as much as you do, so I hope it will last at least as long as yours has so far.
  13. Cable Tech

    Why I love yardsales

    In the past you couldn't find an lcd monitor at a yard sale. Just big ass CRT monitors that weigh 50 pounds. It would make me nervous to buy one even that cheap unless I seen it working. You got lucky!
  14. Cable Tech

    Why I love yardsales

    Nice find BannerJohn!! I love yard sales too. Sometimes I can find a deal like that at an auction. I'll give ya $20 for it.
  15. Cable Tech

    What is you blade of choice?

    Agreed with everyone else. Just get a 60 degree CleanCut Blade and you won't be sorry. I use it for everything. There is no need to use anything else. Period..