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    Greenstar White, adhesive separation issues anyone?

    i have used whole role of white no issues. have some on trucks and race cars.
  2. robochan

    graphic collection

    Ya i know. Whats with people?
  3. robochan

    graphic collection

    I sent the people who signed up under me the invite for the folder.
  4. robochan

    graphic collection

    heres my link help me get more space. I posted lots of stuff in there already.
  5. robochan

    Drop box If you use drop box already just go to that ^ link we get 250mb more space. If not create one and get 2gb back up/ share space and then go to that link and get 250mb more.
  6. robochan

    Hi Confused newbie from ohio

    Welcome Where at in ohio?
  7. robochan

    Wrap on race car.

    Could you please post the EPS or tell me where you bought the clip art. IT would be really appreciated.
  8. robochan

    Wrap on race car.

    Is that clip art?
  9. robochan

    Has anyone tried the new GreenStar Matte Black Vinyl?

    I have greenstar and i put white decals on my dads and uncles truck windows and they have with stood 100 degree 100% humidity weather and everything else a truck goes through. I have 5 karts with greenstar that race every weekend and the decals will not fail. Tires leave marks and dont even peel it off. Buying 10 rolls of vinyl and saving $5 on each, saved me $50 bucks with no compromise.
  10. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    I do not do many installs. Most the people i sell to like to save every penny and self install. I cut, weed, tape and give it to them. So i do all bench work.
  11. I keep having problems with my app tape. Applying it is hard and I keep putting off jobs because of it. I use Perfectear maintape and it is awful. I use green star vinyl and need to know what is the best clear tape to use. Also looking into the Big Squeegees. I do not do this enough to justify spending $100 so will the other Big Squeegees work just fine? Again Thank you all for so much help.
  12. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    I do not have a permanent work space, so I cant use a light table. I do lots of 2-4 layer stuff for racing and thought clear was the best option. I have done the hinge method but never thought about doing it for layers. How do you do the wet method and do you need to but application fluid?
  13. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    what's easier to work with normally?
  14. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    Why cant you use clear for wet app?
  15. robochan

    What Vinyl?

    Green star is great.
  16. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    Cool thanks i might try that. What clear tape do you all use?
  17. robochan

    what Big Squeegee and what app tape

    Use just a flat pice of it and cover the ends in felt? Where can you buy plexiglass?
  18. robochan

    gocart template

    Sorry for old thread. This is exactly what im looking for. Do you have a clip art pack you use for those flames? I am always looking to get new stuff for our karts.
  19. robochan

    Stick family

    Anyone have a something like this but a lady in a wheelchair? Its for my aunt.
  20. I have flexisign pro 8.1 and a MH 721. Will i be able to contour cut and if so how?
  21. robochan

    New From Ohio!

    hey from columbus.
  22. robochan

    the person below me game

    The person below me has never made a racing decal.
  23. My family dose not like the "sound of money!" When im cutting late at night
  24. I started with mh721 and $100 of greenstar and made over $200 so far and only 2 major jobs. The only complaint i have is the MH is very noisy. The best part is having the freedom of a new design on my racing kart every week . Good luck.
  25. robochan

    add on for just inkscape to cut

    Anyway to do this with windows?