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  1. This product is not available. same for me??
  2. robochan

    MH-721 cutting pressure?

    i keep mine at 70 and it cuts perfect every time.
  3. robochan

    New Logo....Maybe

    I like it
  4. I dont have a car yet so i was just asking no offence ment. I like all cars but the 93 saab 9000 turbo iv driven dosent get that much grip cuz its FWD. My step dad has a lexus IS F with 416hp running through 8 gear paddle gear box and thats just crazy fast. Sorry for the thread being off topic.
  5. robochan

    Help to really get going

    Ok i got a MH 721 and a little bit of vinyl to practice on. I am looking on getting some more vinyl and need help what to get. I need 15" outdoor gloss base colors, 24" matte for indoor walls, and some 24" gloss. I have used the vinyl form and like it becouse its so cheap and weeds pretty good. Is there any other "good" vinyl for this cheap that fits my needs. Also i would like to print small deacls with my epson cx7450, what vinyl do i need to do that? Thanks, Chandler
  6. Not to thread jack but nice car. Why did u put so much money in a FWD car though?
  7. robochan

    Help to really get going

    It dosent look like you can get there greenstar vinyl in 15". Also what would you charge a small car lot for 100 little decals they would put on every car they sell?
  8. robochan

    Another race car template. UPDATE!

    Thats cool my kart is also number 13. I thought the RR would be the largest. on my kart the right side is biggest then the LR.
  9. robochan

    Rally Car Driver & Co Driver

    The WRX is a nice car. When you get your 300hp beast post pics.
  10. robochan

    My First Decal

    That will look good on my kart or my dads truck
  11. robochan

    Small desktop type printers

    I have a epson cx7450 printer. Can i use this and what else would i need Thanks, Chandler Link:
  12. robochan

    My First Decal

    Ya that would be great! It looks great!
  13. robochan

    My First Decal

    on the first one how did u do the flags?
  14. robochan

    Small desktop type printers

    Im new to decal and sign mainging i just got the 24" uscutter cutter and wanted to print smaller decals. Will any inkjet printer work? Is there any websight i can look at for info?
  15. robochan

    Household recovering from H1N1....

    I had it... Get well soon.
  16. robochan

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    got my 25" and it was perfect. cutting in 20 minutes. Sorry i live in columbus and want to help but im only 14 so i cant drive down there.
  17. robochan

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    I live in ohio and ordered a MH if this happens to me.... Hope you find a cure!!
  18. Befor i get my cutter i was playing with SBE and i scaned an image but when i click cut it says this drawing contains a bitmap and only the other image will cut. Please help
  19. robochan

    how do i scan an image and cut?

    i have illustrator how would i do it in that? The image i wanted is basic so it did it perfect in SB thanks!
  20. About 10 hours I was downloading adobe cs4 so i had a little time and i split it up over 2 days Any more wolves or racing stuff would be great. The k and the wolf in That would be great if you could
  21. robochan

    help me with which one

    Thanks thats just what i needed!! Thanks
  22. robochan

    help me with which one

    Is the PCUT worth the extra 50-100 dollors over the MH? Im planning on making indoor stuff and maybe some go kart/car stuff. Im going to try to get a cutter today. Thanks, Chandler
  23. Just went through all 74 pages thank all of you got lots of stuff. any one got any... go karts wolves football logos ??? Thanks, Chandler
  24. robochan

    help me with which one

    great thanks just got a 25inch MH, 3 rolls of vinyl and 300 feet of tape. I would like to use the cutter with 2 or 3 computers. Can i do that with the software it comes with? Any basic stuff a compleate new person needs to know?