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  1. Kelleysbiz

    Name Banner Blanks/Software

    Ive seen these at my local flea market. I thought they were cute but didnt go so far as to see what type of materials were used.
  2. Kelleysbiz

    651 White being difficult. All other colors are fine

    Ive had soo much trouble weeding black 651 ! Its like its way too sticky or something !
  3. Kelleysbiz

    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Thank you both so much !!!
  4. Kelleysbiz

    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    SoI created this last week but forgot to note the font on the file & now I cant find it in my fonts for the life of me ! I hope someone can tell me which one it is ! Thanks SO much !!
  5. Kelleysbiz

    Sawgrass 800 For Sale

    Do you still have this & how much do you want for it if you do?
  6. Kelleysbiz

    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Thanks you guys! I was afraid of that..Guess I'll have to start over
  7. Kelleysbiz

    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Bought this sign & need to change the color of the words "Sweet be Loved" and cant figure out the font of the word "Sweet" ! I tried to trace of it in my software but the overlap of the "S" is making life difficult! Thanks for any help you can give get a good
  8. Kelleysbiz

    BGS Vinyl

    Where can I buy BGS Vinyl? I did a project with some of it I had on hand and I need to do another just like it, but I don't have any more of the color I need. I did buy it quite a while ago here at uscutter but I guess they don't carry it anymore. Thanks
  9. Kelleysbiz

    Application Tape Roller Question?

    I know what you mean about the floor Ive even went so far as to make a jig on the floor to get the tape on as good as I could. I dont know if I should maybe go up to the 36" tape so I have plenty of room or not. Im putting 24" tape on a 24" design & it gets kinda hard getting it "just right" ya know? The floor is getting kinda old & having to have a second person is also though. I think I made a good choice with the Mask Rite. Cant wait for it to get here, Im so excited,I have a 10' design to put on a semi truck!
  10. Kelleysbiz

    Application Tape Roller Question?

    Isnt this a cold laminater? If so why in the world are these so expensive & Im seeing others like it for under $125?
  11. Kelleysbiz

    Application Tape Roller Question?

    24x72 for this one I usually do 12x24 but this is a special order...I was also looking into this... ,Which one would be easier?
  12. Can I use a manual cold roll laminator applicator for vinyl application tape roller? Im having trouble putting app tape on my designs without another persons help & thought this might work for it. Thanks in advance for all the advice.
  13. Kelleysbiz


    So weird! I just noticed them tonight & made a comment to hubby about them!
  14. Kelleysbiz

    New to vinyl .. help on wall vinyl..

    So Im looking for a kit or file with some trees for the nursery walls for a friend.Can anyone point me to a few good ones? Thanks
  15. Kelleysbiz

    textured tiles

    Neato!! I bought alot from habitat for humanity too!! I made one for about everyone on my Christmas list They loved them! Cheap easy & most importantly personally satisfying to have done them so well