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  1. BigDaddyChris

    Flexi has a rip...

    I have flexi 8.1 v1 and a xerox docucolor 12 copier/printer. the printer currently uses a rip work station with "splash" to do the ripping and job sending. I hate the old outdated software and mac running it (built in 2000) is there a way to install the xerox as a profile in flexi for printing jobs?
  2. BigDaddyChris

    shortcuts for flexi 8?

    thanks! too bad theres not a shortcut for weld, cuz Im in a project that has a gazillion things that need welded! learning the alignment shortcuts has been a lifesaver though. thanks for sharing!
  3. BigDaddyChris

    shortcuts for flexi 8?

    heyas, does anyone have a list of keyboard shortcuts for flexi? Mainly Im interested in the shortcut for weld. thanks!
  4. the file is 5.5" tall 12" wide so I oriented the file vertically, so I could get 4 stickers across and utilise my 24" stock the best. the file says "skys off-road design" across the bottom. the first thing it tries to cut is the s, then all hell breaks loose. if I run the file horizontally, the file cuts just fine. what gives? yesterday I was having the same issue, only less severe. I would run batches of 8 and the first s of the first sticker would be messed up, the other 7 in the run would be fine. I tried restarting the software, the computer, the cutter shut off, and even unplugged. nothing changes this. one time it even cut the sticker 4 feet wide! I cant attach the flexi .FS file. I could email it and see what you think. thanks in advance!
  5. BigDaddyChris

    45 and 60 degree blades, offset?

    so, after a LOT of help from folks here on the forum I got the offset dialed in for my 45 degree blades. a few trial and error cuts and it seemed like .025 in. was perfect, then I see the box the blades came in and it says right on there "knifepoint offset 0.25mm" which is .00984 inches. so, grrrr, I'll try that. but does anyone know the offset for 60 degree blades? I'm using flexi 7.6v2 with a MH721 thanks!
  6. BigDaddyChris

    Newbie needing help with ceramic tiles

    after cleaning and degreasing the tiles really good, apply the vinyl dry, then let it sit for a while, maybe even 30 mins, then if you wet down your app tape on the backside with app fluid, it will help the tape come off easier. try that!
  7. BigDaddyChris

    Need Help Creating Uniform Text

    the only way to make the text uniform like that is to adjust the kerning. you dont want to smash the words, it would look obvious. you can do what the above post said, shrink up the kerning in the long word, and beef up the kerning in the short word and hopefully get them to be close the the same length without it looking obvious. otherwise you can type in each item seperately. shipping, then boxes, etc. then you have to turn off the proportional checkbox and manually enter the dimensions in the "design central" toolbox window. that way you can specify the height and width of each text item. it will stretch or smash the words horizontally, but again, depends on how much you can get away with. once they are the same size you can select them all and click arrange, then align, then select how you want them aligned. and same thing to distribute the items evenly too. hope that helps!
  8. BigDaddyChris

    Magnetic signs I did

    right, you all understand that mag signs are a better value, that's sorta what I am saying. But the magnetic signs cost more to make than just sticking the vinyl right on the truck door. yet you cant charge more for the magnetic signs than you do for the truck door application, the customer wont pay it, and thats what I have a hard time wrapping my head around. like, a 4x6" easy to weed sticker. if the customer buys 100, I'll sell them for a buck each, the same size piece of vinyl for 2 doors and a tailgate sells for $200+ and theres less time spent weeding and stuff.
  9. BigDaddyChris

    New sign for Aarons rent to own

    its all WHO you know, not nearly what you know. I met a guy at a chamber of commerce event. he was an ad executive at a local tv station. he always has random ideas for t-shirts and stuff. I did some creative conceptual art for one of his side projects one time, and that got the ball rolling. he moved on to become the marketing manager for all of the oregon Aarons stores and when it came time to need design work done he knew just the guy to come to. now aarons has corporate art and then the franchises are allowed to run local stuff as well. so they prefer to run mostly local franchise specific ads, so I get all that design work. if I didnt know my guy on the inside, I would have never got them as a client. so, again, its who you know so meet and greet everyone you see, you never know where they will end up someday and need something you offer! I hand out biz cards to everyone, everywhere. not only does everything become a tax write off, its a GREAT way to bring in random customers. Ill give a card to the clerk at 7-11 when i buy a pop. "hey, if you ever need anything like this, gimmie a call, im just up the road" sometimes weird "7-degrees of kevin bacon" things happen. like the cricket store owner who was friends with a guy who asked him where to get a deal on t-shirts for a hip hop concert. turns out that guy was a roadie for Glasses Malone and Akon. next thing you know Im doing shirts and security badges for G. Malone and Akon with VIP passes to the show tossed in. all because I tossed the guy at the cellphone shop a biz card? hell yeah! heres the link to see one of my shirts in the video around 0:15 seconds you see a guy in a white shirt that says "I'm Certified" thats my shirt baby! keep handing out cards, you won't be sorry!
  10. BigDaddyChris

    Magnetic signs I did

    i do mag signs for $75 a pair. Does anyone find it odd that we can charge more for putting the vinyl right on the truck door, when its actually more expensive to put it on mag material? seems like the customer views mag signs as less valuable than vehicle graphics.
  11. BigDaddyChris

    Lets see those back windows....

    Most of my clients want to see out of their back windows, so at their request I either put very little there, outside the viewing area if possible, or I avoid the back window if possible. I prefer tailgates as opposed to covering truck back windows. on my own suburban Ive had bulleted lists of what I do. and how to get a hold of me. people have more time to read a back window, so on my personal work rigs I use it as a billboard. but my clients always seem to not want much back there. theresa fine line between what you think is good and what the client wants. its a hard line to walk!
  12. BigDaddyChris

    New sign for Aarons rent to own

    I did these signs that associates hold out on the sidewalk for traffic to see. Over here in oregon Aarons has 5 stores and I do all of their graphic work, signage and design for print. pretty good corporate client. My kids were "helping" me with this project. They usually come to the shop after school. today momma took my middle child to girl scouts, left me with my son and 3 yr old daughter. The best way to keep an eye on them is to have them help out! I'm sure there are child labor laws being violated. HA HA!
  13. I got all the printing and laminating details, but I have yet to experiment with my cutter to see if it will contour cut anything. I have the MH721 and I am using flexi 7.6v2 Ill have to play around with it cuz just paid out the wazoo for some 8.5x11 waterproof inkjet media from papillo. I'd totally slice and dice some rolled media if I could find it. in fact hmmmmm, my vendor will slit any media I buy to whatever width I want..... ok wheels are turning. laters!
  14. BigDaddyChris

    wanna tick off a harley rider?

    The biker bar is across the street, the stop light is 1/4 block away. if he's overheating in that short distance I guess I have to apologize, cuz there really is something wrong with his bike, lol.
  15. BigDaddyChris

    Where to buy cheap t-shirt? is my supplier. I get case pricing no matter what I order, and shipping is free on orders of $200 or more.