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  1. CAG101

    Boardom strikes again!

    For the video editing. I use Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas.
  2. CAG101

    Printed Banner 2x5'

    I can't wait till I get a printer. I envy you.
  3. CAG101

    Boardom strikes again!

    Thanks. I just noticed that I didn't put a description on there. Lastnight about 12:30 I couldn't sleep, so I started screwing about with my truck and came up with the bed band. It's nothing special, but damn does that white POP out on that orange.
  4. CAG101

    M/C tank badge

    I like that. Both the decals and the res cap etching. Very nice. ;)
  5. CAG101

    H2 Recovery Window Decal

    Hey guys. I know that the method of the install wasn't the conventional way of doing. This one I was working with a short piece of vinyl so I did it in 3 sections. I taped the 3 of them together. And that is was I ended up with. When I screw about with decals I try to use scrap vinyl so I'm not cutting off the big roll. But anyhow. Thanks for the comments again.
  6. CAG101

    H2 Recovery Window Decal

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'm working on a web site that is going to have videos of some of the graphics that I do. It's also going to have tutorials on flexi, photoshop, make the cut for the crafters out there and live video with chat. Do any of you have ideas on what might help make it grow? Or maybe have anything that you'd like to submit. This is going to be geared more to the beginners.
  7. CAG101


    the window tint was all hand cut. I haven't got the 20/20 program yet. Looking to get that in the near future. :-
  8. CAG101


    the tint is a Lumar film 30ish %.
  9. Hey people. It's been a while, I've missed all of your happy posts. Anyhow, heres a window banner I did from scratch.
  10. CAG101

    79 Chrysler Cordoba

    Thanks man. I will give that a try. Photoshop here I come.
  11. CAG101

    79 Chrysler Cordoba

    Hey guys. How have all of ya been? I have a request. I am in need of a 79 Cordoba emblem eps. I have searched and can not find one. I have found a crappy photo of one. But it is to bad to do anything with. I am hoping someone can help out. Thanks.
  12. CAG101

    graphic request

    Here is the JPG. Your going to have to vector it.
  13. CAG101

    Guitar Hero templates

    Here is a clean one.