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  1. pixnstix

    banner for band

    Yes, really good job!
  2. I agree with the last post, I find this forum very useful and at times inspiring. I haven't copied any of the work, but I have been inspired to do something different by seeing the possibilities posted here. I don't feel sensitive about the possibility of people copying my work or methods here. The more we share the more we all improve, and we please a customer (or ourselves) at the end of the day.
  3. Perhaps a forum area for Aussies may be an option. I see there are a few Australian members, I'm, sure there are many more who would like to discuss the local market, events, local regulations, suppliers etc This seems to work well with the T Shirt Forums website, of which I'm also a member. Any interest?
  4. pixnstix

    Tattoo Stencil for a Movie

    Just thought we would share an unusual assignment we had last week, we were asked to make a temporary airbrush tattoo stencil for a movie being made here in Melbourne. An actress was to be made up as a robot/android with a circuit board pattern across her whole face, in silver tattoo ink with a light green background. We don't have pictures of the result yet, but here is a photo of one of the stencils we made. Used the black "vinylazer" material from Airbrush Body Art locally, and cut it on a Graphtec Craft Robo vinyl cutter.
  5. pixnstix

    Casual User from the Philly Area

    Since you've had welcomes from all over the US of A, here's a welcome from down under in Australia. There is some great information and support available on these forums. Bryan
  6. pixnstix

    Thinking about closing down

    But before you start getting depressed, remember there are 5,890 members of this forum. Clearly there is a viable business model wherever you live, its just a matter of enthusiasm and smart optimism to find the right place for your skill and talent. Also you would be hard pressed to find anywhere on the globe where vinyl cutter work is not in evidence - look in any street of shopping centre!
  7. pixnstix

    Just Curious

    It would be great if at least the location field was compulsory. This is me being selfish, but it is always relevant to me whether the member is in my country (Australia), eg is we are discussing a supplier issue which may only be relevant to US members. Other threads like graphics issues or techniques are pretty much global as we use the same software all over.
  8. pixnstix

    Planning for a trade show

    My wife and I run a temporary airbrush tattoo business. Our solution to the mobile power problem was to buy a deep cycle battery and power inverter. This would handle the computer and cutter without any problem, and would be cheaper (with a charger included, around $350 US money I think). The battery we got from a specialist battery store, but marine shops also sell them. The inverter and charger we got from an electronic store because it was cheaper that way. The advantage for us of this set up is it is totally silent and more easily moved around than a generator. Ask the store for advice on the power capacity you need, for example a battery would not handle a heat press on start up.
  9. pixnstix

    My first vinyl cut

    Looks fantastic, congratulation. It beats my first effort, which turned out like the proverbial breakfast! But I'm getting better......
  10. pixnstix

    Hello from Down Under

    I'm from Little River, between Melbourne and Geelong Bryan
  11. pixnstix

    Hello from Down Under

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, based in Melbourne Australia. I have a GCC Bengal cutter doing Stickers, T Shirts and temporary tattoo stencils. Any other Aussies in the forum?