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  1. Kelly54487

    What fonts are in this graphic

    Can any one tell me what these fonts are? My customer had someone else create this years ago and she does not have the origional art work. I traced it in my program but the fonts are not nice and crisp. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Kelly54487

    What font is this?

    This is the same font family as my last post but I could not get it to load. Can anyone tell me what font this could be or something very close? Thanks!
  3. Kelly54487

    What FONT is this?

    hmmm can't seem to get it to load
  4. Kelly54487

    What FONT is this?

    Here is another letter
  5. Kelly54487

    What FONT is this?

    Here is the same font but a different letter.
  6. Kelly54487

    What FONT is this?

    Can someone please identify this font or something close? Thanks in advanced!
  7. Hi! I have a MH 871 and it worked fine yesterday, today however... as soon as I turned it on and started cutting letters it sounds like grinding noise is coming from the head. Blade holder goes up and down still but it's grinding and my setting are acting weird. I had to set the cut press to 000 Cust speed to 200 and raise my blade in order for it to cut. Cutting wording is where it grinds. Any help would be appreciated here. I have orders to fill and can't wait till Monday if at all possible! Thanks in Advance!
  8. Kelly54487

    Files cutting funny

    Thanks I just went on ebay to order. I hope this resolves the issue. I'm at my wits end here.
  9. Kelly54487

    Files cutting funny

    No that is one thing I have not tried a Keyspan adapter. I'll order one tomorrow and give it a shot. Don't know what else I can do.
  10. Kelly54487

    Files cutting funny

    I just purchased a new MH871 last month.I'm having nothing but problems when I cut my vinyl. I've been on the phone with support at US CUTTER so many times I practically know all their names. I'm sure there sick of me calling as well. This is the second MH I've had and the first one I had no problems. PLEASE HELP!!! If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. Every time I cut it seems like it's always different where it screws up. I've had it to the point where it sucks all my vinyl and makes a line all the way down my vinyl to the pictures I've posted. Strange??? Please see attached photos. Sorry can't get files to load. Letters have fish hooks in them and head on plotter goes all across my vinyl or up and down. I've tried all of the following things: 1) grounded the plotter to the stand 2) static spray 3) cut vinyl off roll prior to cutting 4) wiped down vinyl with dryer sheet prior to cutting in plotter 5) I have a 5 gal humidifier next to my plotter (humidity level set at 55-60 ) 6) Turned my speed down when cutting 7) I've had support look at Baud set at 4800 and all the rest of the settings they are saying is correct. 8)Tried it with the pen and sometimes it screws up and other times it's fine
  11. Kelly54487

    Having issues with my new cutter in SCALP

    I got in now THANKS SOOO MUCH!
  12. Kelly54487

    Having issues with my new cutter in SCALP

    When I try and download it I can't get it to open? It says failed to load the request file?
  13. Kelly54487

    Having issues with my new cutter in SCALP

    Thanks!I'll try it and get back to you.
  14. Kelly54487

    Having issues with my new cutter in SCALP

    UPDATE: Ok, I think it may be the file. I cut out something else and it works fine. Is anyone able to try this on their cutter and see if you have the same issues? This is the second file I've had that has done this. Is it anything to do with tracing the image into SCALP does anyone know or what causes this? I'm not sure if I down loaded the file correctly looks like the forum has changed
  15. I just purchased a NEW MH 871 the old one US Cutter Rep. informed me the old one has to many static issues. So I purchased a NEW one have it grounded even and running a humidifier. I'm using the new program SCALP. When I go to cut it, it starts to cut my graphic and then the head on my cuter goes all the way across does NOT hit the side or cut but then cuts a line across my vinyl coming back and proceeds to cut my graphic. What is going on? I'm VERY frustrated and have had nothing but issues, Any help would be appreciated. I'm using a USB cable would a keyspan fix this issue does anyone know? Thanks! Kelly