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  1. stunad jr.

    does anyone have this font?

    thanks stlou, not quite what I was looking for but was able to use something else. thanks again
  2. stunad jr.

    does anyone have this font?

    The font is called "swift" If anyone can help me out, I would truly appreciate it and will return the favor!
  3. thanks for taking the time to help me, I really appreciate it
  4. I just changed the plotter to hp-gl, but it's still doing the same thing. I am using "craft robo" under cutter in the cutter setup menu. Is there a way to change hp-gl in signblazer?
  5. thanks speeddoggy, that works great for cuttingmaster. Now if only I can do this on signblazer!! I am using gp-gl
  6. yea, no its still returning to the original position.
  7. I'm using signblazer and I also use illustrator/cutmaster2. Same thing happens on both. I just cant figure it out! When I use signblazer with my pcut I don't have this problem. It advances so I can do the next job without it traveling all the way back to the original starting position.
  8. After cutting a job, I want to cut a different file on the same roll of vinyl. How do I set the ce5000 to advance, say 20mm so I can cut a new file? It is returning to the "home" position now. I just cant figure this out!! Anyone that can help me I would surely appreciate it!!! Thanks!
  9. stunad jr.

    Lil Red Express Truck Logo

    I dont get it, how do you know it was taken from here?
  10. stunad jr.

    how do you outline text in x4

    select your text. click the pen tool. click outline.
  11. i will share more, ive been busy as I'm sure all of you guys are.... I want to say thanks again.
  12. Tank NG.EPS tink.EPS waffle.EPS Tank NG.EPS tink.EPS waffle.EPS
  13. mopar.EPS pink.EPS sccc smash2.EPS mopar.EPS pink.EPS sccc smash2.EPS
  14. jeep.EPS milo.EPS misfits.EPS jeep.EPS milo.EPS misfits.EPS