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  1. NinjaEpisode

    8,500 Flea Market Vector Graphics

    Brilliant! Thanks Aaron!
  2. NinjaEpisode

    8,500 Flea Market Vector Graphics

    I would love to know this trick.
  3. NinjaEpisode

    ai file for 2004-2008 f-150 outline

    Try this...
  4. NinjaEpisode

    Need help with these images....PLEASE

    I'm new here and all, and I'm all for a sense of community and helping others, and I've been doing my own graphics etc., but I gotta agree with several comments here. One of you guys could on the other hand quite possibly make a little bit of cash to start charging for your talents so when someone comes along and needs 10 logos vectorized, they'd realize pretty quick that it's better to learn to do it themselves vs. taking advantage of someone elses time and money. Someone in another thread mentioned all the "new" folks that are getting into the business and getting out of the business as a result. Sorry TriState, but with requests like this, they've got nothing to worry about. If you want to survive, you need to learn the tools of the trade.
  5. NinjaEpisode

    Could use some design help

    He's looking for this from what I can tell: WICKED COOL Excall Gal Got The Scoop Get The Loot
  6. NinjaEpisode

    Whats your workspace look like?

    No worries, my wife keeps my balls in a jar on the fireplace mantle, I'd just go ahead and do it if I were you seeing as how she already owns them.
  7. NinjaEpisode

    Need Adv. Big deal to me. banners

    I dunno, but I'm suddenly hungry.
  8. NinjaEpisode

    2 Cutters, 1 Computer???

    On cutting the USB cable, not a good idea. Maximum length is rated to around 5 meters or so. You'll actually have to get a powered USB cable to extend the cable that far. You can do it with powered USB hubs as well, but for 60' you're looking at a 3 or 4 powered USB hubs along the route. You're almost better off putting a second PC out where your cutter is and runnning ethernet to network the two together and share files.
  9. NinjaEpisode

    need HELP looking for belly dancer EPS

    Hey Joe, can you e-mail those to me as well?
  10. NinjaEpisode

    No Wake Sign

    I like both of those! We have a place on a channel that spans two lakes and I've resorted to buying cheapy airhorns and letting them off when someone is going to fast through the channel just because I'm tired of yelling at folks.
  11. NinjaEpisode

    Vinyl test cut comparasion

    So lemme ask a basic "dumb" question that I'm sure others are wondering as well. When you're cutting to that fine of a level, under .5", is it safe to assume that the weeding on those isn't exactly a clean rip of the unused material and you're spending at least "some" time actually very carefully pulling up the material?
  12. NinjaEpisode

    Squeegie Help!!!

    Ever used a J-Roller? Similar to what you'd use to roll out laminate with. Same concept, except you could use the roller to roll out bubbles in theory.
  13. NinjaEpisode


  14. NinjaEpisode

    My New 'Power Book'

    Attaching as a zip, oh and sorry for the thread hijack MikeMan! nice work!
  15. NinjaEpisode

    My New 'Power Book'

    What a funny coincidence! I've got a Dell Mini 9 that I've been running OSX on and decided to dress it up! Sorry for the crummy cell phone pic.