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  1. Hi everyone, I am soooooo hoping someone can help me. I know there has to be a simple answer for my problem and I can not seem to figure it out, and it is driving me crazy. Say I want to cut the name "Stephanie" and I set it up in CorelDraw and I make the font size 24pts, and I send it to the Graphtec and I make the width of the name 8" and it cuts. Then two days later I want to cut the name "Amy" but I want it to be the same size proportionaly that "Stephanie" was, I can't figure out how to do that. Even if I make "Amy" the font size of 24pts in Corel, that seems to have nothing to do with the final size that you cut, correct? It is all based on the width and length you enter once you send it to the cutter, true? So, I have just been manually trying to guess what the finished width of "Amy" would be to be the same size as "Stephanie". I hope you can understand what I am saying, and I hope someone can tell me what a dummy I am and how easy it is to make this come out right. I am totally frustrated. Thank you! Kristen :'(
  2. Thank you for your help, but I don't see how I could do that, because I would have to save the "Stephanie" file in Corel, there isn't a way (that I know of) to save it from the Cut/Plot screen where you set the width, nor is there a way to change the text in the Cut/Plot screen. You have to do all of that in CorelDraw and then send it to the cutter where you set the width. Do you see what I am saying? I just believe there isn't a way to make this work. It would seem to me if I made a word a certain font size, 24pt for example that it would be that size when you send it to the cutter, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Argh. Thankyou for your input. Kristen
  3. Has everyone ever put vinyl lettering on glass ball Christmas ornaments? I am trying to do it with Oracal 651. I am struggling to get all the letters to stick. I think it is because it is on a curved surface. Any suggestions or tips would be so appreciated. Kristen
  4. Hi everyone, I am wanting put a vinyl letter on a clear glass plate used for cheese balls or dips. I am going to mirror it and put it on the bottom of the plate. I am using Oracal 651. My question is would the letter be okay if it got wet but not submerged in water? I thought about putting a sticker on the packaging saying "please hand wash and do not fully submerge in water". Is there anyway to protect the letter? Any suggestions would be great. I don't want to sell a product and then have the letter peeling off. Thank you! Kristen
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    Need help with vinyl on glass and getting wet

    Thanks everyone! I was going to put a disclaimer on there to hand wash only and maybe even "don't keep submerged in water for long periods of time". I appreciate everyone's feedback! Kristen
  6. Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help me. I have the Graphtec CE5000. Several times the cutter has not cut out the center of a letter, usually the "B". Then today I sent a design to the cutter and it didn't cut out the center of half of the letters in the design and totally didn't cut an entire letter in a word. There is just a blank there. It isn't one particular font that is doing it. I can not figure out what I am doing wrong to make this happen. Please help! Thanks! Kristen
  7. I am using CorelDraw. When I send the design to the cutter I see all of the correct letters with the holes in the center in the preview window, but it isn't cutting them. Thank you for your help.
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    Need help with vinyl on glass and getting wet

    Ahh! Very good point, thank you!
  9. Hi. I am hoping someone can shed some light on this problem for me. I purchased some heat transfers from ProWorld. One design said to press at 390-400 degrees for 8 seconds and then peel hot. I first pressed it for 8 seconds at 400 and hardly any of the design was on the shirt. I ruined a couple shirts trying to get it right. It finally took about 50 seconds for the design to press to the shirt, but then the white tshirt hard turned yellow, I guess from so much heat? I have several of these shirts to do and don't know what to do to get it right. Thank you for any help! Kristen
  10. Thank you all for your help. I finally was able to get a few shirts done. I wasted about 8 transfers and several shirts getting there. I set the press at 385-390 and heated it for 11 seconds. And immediately pulled it off. It did pretty good. The instructions said 8 seconds, but that just left half the design on the paper. I even called PW and they were very rude. She told me that my press must not be registering the temp properly (even though vinyl and transfers from Howard Graphics do perfectly) and that she could get them to transfer with no problem and she didn't know what I was doing wrong. That was a big help. Does anyone have some other good sources for transfers besides ProWorld? They had an awesome selection, that is why I used them. I appreciate everyone's advice. It helped me get these shirts done and I don't plan on getting orders for anymore!!! Kristen
  11. Thanks to everyone for your tips. That is a BIG help. I will definitely try them out! Kristen
  12. Jay, I was doing a word which was about 2.5" wide. I will try using the paper application tape to see if that helps. Thank you.
  13. Thanks Renegade! I appreciate the help!
  14. Thank you for your input everyone. It is transfer number A13045 from ProWorld. I have used some from them before and never had any problems. I had been using the press for about an hour before I tried these shirts (with no problems) so I can't imagine there were any cold spots. I also think my temp would be right because I press vinyl all the time and I did some transfers from Howard Graphics today and had no problems. Does anyone know what causes the shirt to turn yellow? Is it simply too much heat on it? Thanks again for your advice. Kristen
  15. Hi everyone, I have the Graphtec CE5000 and I am very new to this. I was doing decals with little thin letters and I was having the hardest time weeding it. The letters kept sticking to my tweezers and to the parts of the letter that I was trying to weed. Someone suggested to me (that has a different brand of cutter) to turn the over cut on and that helps with small letters. I can't find that option and didn't know if my machine even has that. I use Corel as my software. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated it! Kristen
  16. Thank you Speedoggy! I found it! I appreciate your help so much!
  17. I finally found the offset! I was looking in the software and it is on the actual cutter....geez! I have mine set at zero. What do you normally have your quality set on? Mine is on 2 and I wondered if that was okay. Thanks to everyone for your help!
  18. "The CE5000 does have an overcut setting. It will be under the Condition option settings for your tools. I run a FC8000-75 but the settings are the same. Usually the overcut is to make slight continuous pass across the starting point and the ending point of the graphic to assure that the path is closed. I set mines to .04 or .08, this usually works for me." The condition setting I see under "enable driver options" only allows you to choose 1 through 8. Is that what you are talking about? It doesn't let you type in anything but whole numbers. I greatly appreciate your help.
  19. "your offset should be at 0 zero in Cutting Master" I am not seeing an offset setting in Cutting Master. I have gone through every tab (File, Edit, Setup, View, and Help) and I don't see an option for offset. I am feeling like such an idiot about this. ARGH!
  20. I assume you mean the vinyl? (Told you I was new at this!) I am using Oracal 651. Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi everyone, I have an embroidery business and just recently purchased my first cutter. It is a Graphtec CE5000. So far I love it! I look forward to being a part of this group. I am friends with Tracee on this board and she has helped me SO much! I have been reading tons of the posts which are full of great information and it is wonderful how helpful everyone is. I am very excited to be here and look forward to the day when I can answer someones question, instead of asking them all!! LOL! Kristen
  22. Hi everyone, got a question....when a woman places an order for a t-shirt do you order a shirt made specifically for women or do you sell the same shirts to men and women? I have used the Gildan 2000 in the past for both but if my customer seems to be picky and is a woman I sometimes mention I can get a shirt cut especially for women. Just wondered how other people handled this. Thanks! Kristen
  23. Hi everyone. I purchased some 6x6 ceramic tiles, the ones with a semi rough surface. I went to put a saying on one and could NOT get the vinyl to come off the tape and stick to the tile. I tried heating the tile before I added the words, after I stuck the tape on and nothing worked. I probably got 1/10 of the letters to stick. It was a nightmare. I tried using Oracal 631 and 651 and had the same issue with both. I read all of the posts on here regarding tiles and no one ever mentioned having this problem. I would appreciate any help/advice/feedback. Thank you! Kristen
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    Newbie needing help with ceramic tiles

    Thank you BigDaddyChris. I appreciate your help...I will give it a try! Thanks everyone!