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  1. jimcr


    can someone Identify this font or fonts
  2. Where do you guys get the templates to cut the film, I buy my bulk film but have no templates. I need to cut a Left fender for a 2012 Acura TL . Any Help?
  3. jimcr

    oracal 651 conform 4075

    When I switched to the other side of the boat I did a dry install in pieces, made it a pain because the top of the fish rolled slightly on a rib due to the setback and trapped air . I hate dry installs . Would have an commercial application fluid made any difference? instead of the alcohol and water.
  4. jimcr

    oracal 651 conform 4075

    Temp was mid to high sixty's. very humid , was in between rain storms. am I right to guess at using a higher amount of alcohol 60-70% because of the high humidity ?
  5. jimcr

    oracal 651 conform 4075

    This last Friday I went to install a graphic on the side of a boat , and I was having a terrible time getting the vinyl to release off the carrier sheet . The weather had very high humidity and I was using 40% alcohol solution , and had more trouble getting the vinyl to stick. Is this due to the humidity or a problem with the release liner.
  6. help, where can I find templates for stone protection for autos, that I can cut on my cutter?
  7. jimcr

    Chip Guard

    I am starting to apply chip guard to cars and I am looking to find templates for the autos. I have searched and can't seem to find them. Has anyone any information on the templates. I was told they are on line but can't seem to find them.
  8. jimcr

    Wolf with a fish

    Looking for a wolf with a fish in its mouth, woof-n-fish . Its the name on my boat.
  9. jimcr

    Box Templates

    I am trying to find box templates for my wife, that we can cut on my cutter.she wants to put christmas cookies in them .Any websites or templates available?
  10. jimcr

    Still need shirts

    what kid of shirts are you looking to get? Kind of busy right now but if I get time I might be able to squeeze in another order.
  11. jimcr


    Mark try saving your work in cdr format , if you need to convert do it after you save it in the cdr format . cdr is corels native format and retains all the information . the cdr format is also smaller in size. If you need to save in both . Jim
  12. jimcr

    Signit and Corel

    Posting a picture of the finished graphic, sorry about the quality it was from my cell and was raining .
  13. jimcr

    Signit and Corel

    Thanks rodh2 That did it , job done . Customer is installing I will post a picture when he gets them put on . Thanks for the help. Jim
  14. jimcr

    Signit and Corel

    Thanks Just setup for a test cut, going fishing right now, last nice day for a week , salmon run going on. Let you know how it comes out . Jim
  15. jimcr

    Signit and Corel

    here are the files .blue is the original bluechrome3dshawded is the file that the cutter had a problem with, "the background color" silver. Also is there any documentation for signit . I have not been able to find any. Not the easyest to understand . How to offset the shadows . Jim blue.zip bluechrome3dshawded.zip blue.zip bluechrome3dshawded.zip