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  1. 99v8miata

    Help Please!!!!

    Ray, Here is what I have got. Just did a real fast trace and cleaned it up a bit. I did it as 1 color if you need it a different way let me know. Dave Dans Towing.EPS Dans Towing.EPS
  2. 99v8miata

    hi, i'm wallace

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  3. 99v8miata

    Pressing Sweat Shirts

    Just adjust the screw for the thicker sweatshirt. If your not sure how loss to make it do it when it is off and keep adjusting till you get it right. I have been doing a ton of hoodies lately. Dave
  4. 99v8miata

    Todays sign for a special customer.

    Very nice work. And the puppy is great. When i move to Florida in June I will be getting a new puppy. Dave
  5. 99v8miata

    New Here and to the business!

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  6. 99v8miata

    New need help

    Welcome from Chicago. You will be so surprised as to how fast you will make the money back. Dave
  7. 99v8miata

    New to plotting, trying to set up plotter help.

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  8. 99v8miata

    new member

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  9. 99v8miata

    Hello from God's country...Northern MN

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  10. 99v8miata

    New Member of the Tech Support Team

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  11. 99v8miata

    Cut out my logos on vinyl

    Very nice job. Dave
  12. 99v8miata

    Hey From Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome from Chicago. Dave
  13. 99v8miata

    My Triple Layer Logo Decal

    Very nice job. Dave
  14. 99v8miata


    Thanks for the Camaro's Dave
  15. 99v8miata

    wrinkling after washing!!!!

    Try to use a preshrunk shirt. It will still shrink a bit but not much. Dave