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  1. Aaron636r

    Need help with customers logo

    Sorry, should have been more specific. I need a solid black background. Currently it has the cutouts where the red lettering goes. Looks horrible layered like that when the vinyl is applied to something (say a vehicle). Just not sure how I fill that in to make the black background totally solid.
  2. Aaron636r

    Need help with customers logo

    See attached. AI file. Cant seem to throw thin signblazer without problems. Anyone willing to help? Be much appreciated. TMI Logo 2012 New rev.2.ai
  3. Aaron636r

    Help with Customer File

    See attached eps file. If you look at the "house" on the left of the logo. You see the white are where the windows are of the house. I need this gone, "punched" threw if you will. So the window that this logo goes on is seen. Make sense? Appreciate your help. LogicReality.eps
  4. Aaron636r

    Need help with AI file

    It worked. Thank you. Now, how Can I get it to just cut the outside line an than one cut in the line than runs across it...towards the top of the template>
  5. Aaron636r

    Need help with AI file

    Here is the file. Sorry xoom.AI
  6. Aaron636r

    Need help with AI file

    See attached AI file. Need to import into signblazer. Can anyone help? Thank you
  7. Aaron636r

    Need help with AI file

    See attached AI file. I cant seem to get this converted to an EPS correctly so SignBlazer ca import it. This is a template I need. This exact cut will cover a device. Can anyone help me? Appreciate it! Aaron xoom.AI
  8. Aaron636r

    Two color AI file

    Im sure its a simple process but looking for a little direction. Customer sent me an AI file for some stickers he needs done. Its 2 color. Whats the best way to handle this file to use in SignBlazer so I can cut 2 colors. Ive done plenty of 2-3 colors but I designed them in SignBlazer so it wasnt an issue. Appreciate the help.
  9. Aaron636r

    Cant seem to get this clean...

    They are dead set on this one...Ive tried. Just going to have to trace it out by hand...
  10. Aaron636r

    Cant seem to get this clean...

    Need to do a wall mural with this...cant seem to get it clean enough. Any ideas?
  11. Aaron636r

    Window in Old Towne Orange

    Killer man...Killer!!
  12. What material do you guys recommend (vinyl) for this application?
  13. Aaron636r

    Little help...

    They want shirts. Im just going to have to find the font they used. I just cant get a clean enough eps file
  14. Aaron636r

    Little help...

    Need help with vectoring this one.
  15. Aaron636r

    Cant seem to get this one right...

    I will have to keep playing with it...need it cut ready.