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  1. painteddesigns

    Windows Required Fonts

    Go to the sbfonts folder in the cutting technologies folder on your hd. Program Files>cuttling technologies>signblazer elements>sbfonts then just drag your font into the folder. You may be asked if you have permission. Just say yes.
  2. painteddesigns

    Going back to college...

    Good Luck FM
  3. painteddesigns

    Windows Required Fonts

    As far as I know, yes. However, I don't think that the fonts that are loaded in the sbfonts directory are visible to other Windows applications. I think you are right. But, what you can do is just open the font in the sbfonts directory & minimize to the desktop & it can be used in other programs. You can do this for any font you have in any folder on your computer & it will work in other programs. That is why you dont have to install the font into your windows fonts folder. Although some of us get a little crazy with it anyway. I have over 900 installed, absolutely no reason for doing it either, just a fontaholic.
  4. painteddesigns

    Windows Required Fonts

    I would read this before you do anything. You really shouldnt have more than 500 installed.
  5. painteddesigns

    New Moderators

    Congratulations JenL93 & CutMe!!!!
  6. painteddesigns

    Hey all, I'll see you in about 2 months

    Jenny, Whereever you are going I hope you have a good time. Cya whenb you come back. You'll surely be missed 'round here. Barbara
  7. painteddesigns

    Todays Projects

    These are all awesome. Nice work.
  8. painteddesigns

    Some coroplast done for YMCA

    Nice work but, your work is always very nice. Its nice to see the different things you all come up with.
  9. painteddesigns

    The 4th is coming! Lets get a patriotic clip art thread going!

    Jay, Thanks for the info on the cling. I think I will try some of that. Kenya, Thanks for the Liberty image. I snagged that too.
  10. painteddesigns

    The 4th is coming! Lets get a patriotic clip art thread going!

    It is vinyl layered on it. I have a roll of clear cling vinyl. Jay, Where do you buy your cling? Is it 7mil? Thanks
  11. painteddesigns

    Hibiscus Flower

    Thank you for the great flowers.
  12. painteddesigns

    The 4th is coming! Lets get a patriotic clip art thread going!

    Thanks everyone for these files.
  13. painteddesigns

    "Welcome Home" to forum member 'outbreak'

    THANK YOU and welcome home.
  14. painteddesigns

    another drawing to share

    Thanks Core, Really nice work.
  15. What a great idea. Good for you.