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    I LIKE this Place!!!

    Very cool people hang out here. I'm a member of a few sign / print genre forums but this place beats them all hands down!
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    free clip art

    got a link from one of my suppliers today for a huge clip art pack, you can download it here for free http://clipartandfonts.com/CNC.html
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    I LIKE this Place!!!

    lol, yeah, bout as good as the trolls I rekon
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    I LIKE this Place!!!

    and, always remember to get screenshots!
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    I LIKE this Place!!!

    you know how they say a few bad apples.... I may have been to quick on this thread. Looks like the trolls are well protected around here - that may change tomorrow, just got an email back from the President of US Cutter. He looked over things and said he will have a quick meeting tomorrow regarding my concerns. If there is anything you want to add to my concerns email him at his email on linkedin, his name is karl bowman, president and also les lewis, his #2
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    "This is what we expect from war." -- BOSTON

    conspiracy theorist... really? what's the point right? lol
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    "This is what we expect from war." -- BOSTON

    i dont understand the title of this thread if you mean we are failures of war, I agree war is money, money is war - we are not currently fighting a war for any other reason these two guys only went after soft targets, kids and women and the unaware during iraq war, all you ever heard was BUSH LIED and HALLIBURTON! as true as these statements are, so true is the fact that all you hear now is crickets and how great Obama is doing, and we are still losing soldiers everyday in Assgarbagestan people in the world hate us because we have so much and because we are so ignorant to our own government we have gone from total liberty to total tyranny in less than 200 years this was TWO guys what will YOU do when its 2,000 guys in every state that WONT go after the soft targets? this was a govt sponsored attack, ,just like 9-11, just like Oklahoma City, Just like all the rest. we can't have the best military in the world who cant get out of the middle east you can't have it both ways these guys were not extremists, they were just half ignorant terrorists that lived here since they were kids extremists are the guys that make these two yahoos look like girl scouts extremists are the ones that go after govt first and control the population second, like Obama, Bush, etc. Patriots are the guys that make the extremists look like girl scouts, and rescue YOU from tyranny
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    free clip art

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    free clip art

    im still looking through the pdf, it's massive
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    I think your pinch wheel is set to far to right, look and see in this pic you will see a red dotted line, do not set pinch wheel to the right of this line you will also see a scratch line I put on mine to help me line up my vinyl square, once you get a peice tracking right as rain, scratch this line (or draw) on your platform down the side of that vinyl you will also notice on your cutter on the middle of upper carriage a white upside down U or something like this |---| dont set your picnch wheel in this area either
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    Why I hate Dye Sub

    lol, it's a ten step program
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    Sorting some job pics

    Ive been debating which to get first, hat or shirt press.. I got an old screen printer in shed but it's a b**ch to work - and messy.. What do you get more of, shirts or hats?
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    Sprint Car

    wow... very nice. did you get to drive that thing while you had it? looks like it's doing 100 just sitting there
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    Slow and Bored Show your shop

    seejay, your work space is waaaaayyyyy to tidy! not even a footprint in the carpet, hehe
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    Slow and Bored Show your shop

    lol, no doubt Jones I own a handful of businesses and I used to have multiple #'s and phones so I could be specific when answering. After years of that same thing your talking about I said "what's the point?" So now I have just consolidated everything down to one number and just answer "Hello this is Jeff" - Callers still ask the same questions first, "Yeah is this .....?" and I save about $1200 year in phone services.
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    Ever wondered...

    I agree with Jay, you should all get out of the sign business today, just send your customers to me Im new to the vinyl cutting business, sort of... I worked part time for Fast Signs (20 years ago) so I already had the application and technology down (much easier now though).. but I have a very strong graphics background which translates into more stuff than most could imagine.. I would imagine most people here have some sort of graphics background....IMHO. There's nothing wrong with starting a new business on a shoe string budget, it's just better to have some sort of idea about your skill and limitations thereof. That does NOT mean that one should start practicing dentistry in their garage just because they have good teeth and are handy with a drill.... well,,,,unless you are REAL handy with a drill (that's different). In today's economy, you got to stick every iron in the fire that you can and take what you can get at a price you live with. And don't be afraid to ask for cash! And don't screw up! Now... sorry I have to go - My 2:30am surgery patient just showed up for her addadicktomy... gotta go bye
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    Hydrographing Kit

    well, at least trying it out will give you an idea of how well or hard the process is - might be a good thing to try
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    Guns and Coffee

    lol, thats awesome!
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    Perfert Beginning

    welcome - I have the 871 as well and am very happy with it, this is a great place to hang out and get help and help others - hope you stick around
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    Windshield Banner

    yeah man good job!
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    Question Please

    they are nice! should be worth about 50-100 a pop IMHO