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  1. helpinghand

    how to decide on vinyl

    +1 on what Jay said. I've tried many brands but always come back to oracal
  2. Customer wanting aprons done. I will be using either water based screen printing or vinyl depending on quantity. Has anyone ever done either on a garment that has the Teflon fabric protector on it? Would love some input on any techniques or tricks you used. Maybe it won't even affect it I don't know that's why i thought i'd check with y'all to get your input. Thanks in advance, Heidi PS if you used vinyl what brand? did it need to be for nylon or just regular?
  3. helpinghand

    All *.eps files are bad?

    This file was a mess....I do think I have it for you though. I use illustrator and cut studio and it should work fine for you now. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out. I had some time so played with it for you, I know how frustrating it can be sometimes. Heidi reuploaded as after Roxanne said still some extra lines I relooked at it and a few letters still had lines in them. Cleaned it up and tried cutting it, everything cut perfect for me. WSM_cleaned up.eps
  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. helpinghand

    Heat transfer vinyl

    I'd use this jacket as a tester now. Almost looks like it was under too much pressure and pulled the color of the jacket thru. Cut some strips of your vinyl and test with lighter pressure, temp adjustments etc. I've never had this happen but have also never used either of those vinyls. I've always used eco film or easy weed with best success. and i have those as my preference because they have very sticky backer sheet and I cut alot of very very small lettering and detail images.
  6. helpinghand

    What to use to put on

    just make sure you cut it reverse as you flip it over to heat press after weeding
  7. helpinghand

    can I print on vinyl with epson wf1100

    Yes you can put transfer tape on it if it needs it. If small enough/one piece you can just peel the backer and attach.
  8. helpinghand

    outcome of today's playtime

    Youngest son is working on a vehicle so when he gets his license in January he'll have his own vehicle ready to drive. A customer had brought me their chevy emblem off their truck a while back to have me wrap and my son brought his in wanting something cool done to it. he originally thought he'd just wrap it black but I said, how bout something in print. He's into both hunting and snowmobiling so i made up a design for both. he picked this one but now thinks he'll pick up another emblem from junk yard to have the other design done so he can switch them out lol gotta love kids. anyway, here is the emblem covered.
  9. helpinghand

    easter weekend job

    I like your redesign better than the original. good job!
  10. helpinghand

    Plotter Test Sheets?

    I've used paper in my cutter but not to cut. i take a sharpie and put in instead of the blade to draw out the design.
  11. helpinghand

    Roland GX-24

    I paid quite a bit more than that but they gave me full warranty and alot of samples. I think it's well worth $900
  12. helpinghand

    Roland GX-24

    I have a roland gx24. instead of buying the actually stand for it I found a small narrow desk at our local Pamida that I bought and use. It's only a little bigger than my roland and works perfect. The media roller that comes with it has a small indent area along one edge that fits right under the back of the cutter.
  13. helpinghand

    My first Domed decal

    Well my hubby found the hitch plates I had ordered before to try, which I hadn't gotten to of course, and wanted one done for his explorer. SO....we found a pic online (he's a cowboy) and I took it into photoshop, resized and put an oval around it and WALLA! Thought I'd share. Learned a little doing this like not to put flame directly onto the epoxy to remove bubbles as it will "cook" the epoxy and wreck it (had to remove some lol) also next one I'll mix up a bit more as I would like to have it a little thicker. But for my first, I like it and better yet, my hubby is so excited and not wanting to wait a few days to put it on his truck lol Heidi
  14. helpinghand

    How I use my US Cutter

    very nice. I do wall art all the time but I don't think i'd ever get ambitious enough to do an entire ceiling WOW