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  1. wesdog

    My first screen print..

    Got it, thanks ordered me 150 today too.
  2. wesdog

    My first screen print..

    I got that site but I didnt see where to choose assorted.
  3. wesdog

    My first screen print..

    Where did you get the coozies. I am looking at getting about 100 but want somewhere to get multiple colors mixed if I can.
  4. wesdog

    Chevron Vinyl

    I am actually looking for something for exterior use.
  5. wesdog

    Chevron Vinyl

    I have seen some of this on novelty items at the beach this year and want to get some. Does anyone know where to get it or is anyone interested in printing it for me? Would need about 4 color options too. Like lime green, hot pink, black, baby blue probably and maybe a red.
  6. wesdog


    Thank you.
  7. wesdog

    fun projects.

    Did you buy that font? If not where could I acquire it?
  8. wesdog

    It was a very busy day yesterday!

    Now how do you do the sand blasting? Do you just cut out stencil then hit it with sand blaster?
  9. wesdog

    Latest Mirrors

    Nice and with your permission i'd love to use your ideas.
  10. wesdog


    Looks Nice and I'd love to have that boat art without text of course.
  11. wesdog

    Chrome Vinyl

    Thats what I have in Oracal brand I think.
  12. wesdog

    Need SVG of this graphic

    I tried to do what you said in Inkscape and something went wrong lol.
  13. wesdog

    chevron pattern

    I just used inkscape and traced a pattern I found online and it turned out great.
  14. wesdog

    Big Squeegee in action

    And will that thing work with regular Oracal 651 type vinyl like the video?
  15. wesdog

    Big Squeegee in action

    where can you get the squeegee at?