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  1. CRD


    Go to cutout, advanced and see screenshot. Paco
  2. CRD


    Go to cutout, advanced and see screenshot. Paco
  3. CRD

    last line of box

    Which cutter are you using and which one you select in SignCut? Your not the first with this problem use the search function. Paco
  4. Sigcut Pro is also a plug in for Corel to cut straigth to the Creation. Donwload the trail for it. Paco
  5. CRD

    Getting Extra cuts through actual pic

    Use export in Corel Draw not Save as. Or use the Corel Draw plug in to send it direct to SC Paco
  6. Go to FILE, CUTOUT, ADVANCED SETTINGS. Disable step by step cutting. This function reduces vinyl transport and so misalignment of large lengthly cuts. Step function size is adjustable. Paco
  7. CRD

    Exporting from Corel

    If you click in SC to open a file you see supported formats. PLT is not supported so will not work. Try to export as .cdr or .EPS file. Paco
  8. CRD

    Can't get signcut to actually start cutting

    Read the new bie manual and solve the problem too............... Paco
  9. CRD

    Exporting from Corel

    In which format do you export? Paco
  10. CRD

    Exporting from Corel

    Is SC set in all MM or inches?
  11. Did my sample file cut good? Paco
  12. CRD

    Cannot convert to curves in CorelDraw

    If you look at the object viewer you see the yellow objects and the thin blakc objects. The last are the black lines surrounding the yellow objects as these are transparant with black line. The yellow are filled but no outlines. Paco
  13. CRD

    Cannot convert to curves in CorelDraw

    In such case switch on the object viewer and click on the objects and see which are highlighted. if two are on top of each other, you will see in your wire frame it stays in position and not going to an other object. If you have groups ungroup them to see every object seperate. Do this in a copied file while you are viewing and deleting object. Object viewer should always be on! paco
  14. CRD

    Intermittent cutting of files

    Are you using an EARTHED PIN 220v cable? That is what they mean with grounded to reduce static build up. Is the machine located on a thick ENGLISH carpet floor? If you take the pen and paper in the machine instead of vinyl and knife and you send the files does it work? If you take simple designs does it work? Paco
  15. Try to cut this simple file. Paco Afbeelding1.eps