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  1. parabellum1130

    holographic vinyl

    cricut is brand hobby cutter and material for the average person you get at places like hobby lobby , michaels and at a.c.moore... I have nothing wrong with oracal , just I have used a lot of greenstar beings it came with the bundle I got with cutter and being new I just grabbed a lot of the brand I got with the bundle , getting oracal as I user up the colors I have of greenstar ... from what you sent I notice there are lots of patters for the holographic ... does oracal have that type of vinyl
  2. parabellum1130

    holographic vinyl

    not sure if it was asked before or if its the same material as what im seeing as reflective vinyl... wasn't seeing any called holographic on the uscutter site but I did see it called that at local hobby shop for cricut brand... have a car club want to order from me for the lower front windshield of their clubs cars so my questions are ... am I calling it correctly for the "pro" web sites or is it called the reflective im seeing ... is the cricut brand as good as say greenstar brand vinyl and if I am calling it correct as holographic and its not on the uscutter site where could I purchase that type in a quality vinyl , hopefully not at a cost of my first born ... thank you for your time...
  3. parabellum1130

    is this correct?

    thanks ... for past few yrs never had anyone ack for anything larger than 10 in ... till recently ..and when I figured it out the way I been .. I was thinking this cant be right .. did a pair of decals at 2ft x 4 ft ... priced it at $96... since then been getting asked to do the large decals someone even called me from over an hr away ... really had me thinking at that point ... I appreciate everyones input ... thanks again
  4. parabellum1130

    is this correct?

    have I been wrong this whole time ?? Im pretty sure ive been seeing add length and width then divide it in half to get the pricing ... did I just misunderstand or is that on just smaller decals... if so at what size did calculation change?? id like to have it so in my head I can give an estimate as it seems around here price is first thing they ask
  5. I just want to double check and make sure im coming to the correct pricing a 24 x 24 decal for tractor trailer door would be $24. in single color and in 2 color if I have seen correctly is 50%on top of the single color price... totaling $36. ea. I have the pricing on smaller 6-8 inch decals down but is it the same equation on large decals?
  6. parabellum1130

    vinyl thickness issues?

    the sc from uscutter
  7. parabellum1130

    vinyl thickness issues?

    I have been noticing that when I use 2 of my colors of greenstar calendared 3mil vinyl that in some spots it dosent cut all the way threw yet 1/8in on either side its cut threw marking into wax backer like normal do thicknesses vary that much on a roll only noticed it in my 10 yrd of lime green and silver ... had to recut a few decals due to it ... anyone else ever have this?..
  8. parabellum1130

    cutting magnet sheets

    is it possible for me to run a sheet of magnet through me sc to cut outline shapes so that I can apply vinyl decal onto it... I recently sent a handful of decals to mayhem , a junior roller derby team and they sold out fast for next time I was going to send a more broadened variety so that it might be a multi use item as opposed to a 1 time and done item... whats your take on it...
  9. parabellum1130

    some stuff ive done

    here is a shirt with my logo on it ... and a decal I made for a facebook group ...
  10. parabellum1130

    fridays project

    I purchased a standing rack from ebay cost me like 200 shipped holds 44 rolls .. dosent have an issue holding 50yrd of 2ft ... its awesome , used to have them in a box on its side but I noticed slight rub marks of color plus I let a bit of each roll hang down so it helps to flatten out
  11. parabellum1130

    wobbley lines

    just noticed something on my silver vinyl didn't see in other colors I was working on it seems like a shadow about 1/8 inch up for entire cut lines scratched into it ... could only see it on an angle... could blade holder itself be pressing against the vinyl as I cut ...
  12. parabellum1130

    wobbley lines

    ok thank you ...
  13. parabellum1130

    wobbley lines

    any specific oil you recommend??... blade dosent look broke but def worn ... ill just have to switch it out , unfortunately out of 45s only have a 60 deg I believe that's the deg
  14. parabellum1130

    wobbley lines

    blade spins freely in the holder was few tiny spec on outside wall of blade canal... could a dull blade cause this .... I noticed the gram pressure is a 107 also but I usually run a touch higher than called for at 103... not sure if that would matter
  15. parabellum1130

    wobbley lines

    it didn't always do this but it seems that lately a lot of my lines that my sc is cutting have a slight wobble to them ... especially letters like s or lower e ... also when trying to max space and have anything on a 45 deg angle ... im kinda baffled , anyone else have this prob...