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    Ever wondered...

    I bought my cutter to do a few jobs for work, but now I'm using it to help open the door for doing graphic work for people. People have been coming to me wanting stickers made for their companies but when i talk to them I also talk them into letting me design logos, grapics or tshirts(and talking them out of using comic sans) . Now most my time and money is made in the design and often times I wont even use the cutter. Of course there is always selling super simple stickers i made on ebay to make a few bucks on the side.
  2. fitbmxseries1

    Can I sell my SCAL Pro

    The problem is people buying it may not belive you have deactivated it from you computer and your just selling them a useless disk.
  3. fitbmxseries1

    Is getting help always this difficult?

    They are nice people to deal with, ive had to deal with some shady companies before and this a good change of pace for me. We must have had a miss-communication in the begging, they thought i wanted to return the machine not get it repaired i belive thats why i was told to contact the ebay seller.
  4. fitbmxseries1

    Please Help with my MH-871

    It was the green kill switch that stops the carriage from going to far to the left. Pull the 4 screws off the top rail and adjust the rail so it doesn't hit the switch and trigger the stop. Test it with the top cover off.
  5. fitbmxseries1

    Is getting help always this difficult?

    Called tech support again and they had me check the to see if the top rail was pushing on the left direction kill switch. Found that it was and did a good few test runs and all is good now. Luckily it doesn't have to be sent in. I bought it mainly to do blasting masks or paint masking. Ill probably step up to the better model in a few months if all goes well.
  6. fitbmxseries1

    Is getting help always this difficult?

    I forgot to mention that emailed them before anything its been a long day. With their track record of every one else i know it will be taken care of just hoping sooner then later. its on the track properly the motor just wont run in that direction. The motherboard thinks its moving it just must be a communication thing between the motor.
  7. fitbmxseries1

    Is getting help always this difficult?

    I did Saturday but no reply till today telling me to call tech before anything.
  8. I received my plotter on Friday and its not working, the carriage wont move. It wasn't untill 8 oclock that i found this out so i couldn't call tech support so i wait till Monday I call tech support and they tell me since i bought it through ebay i would have to email the ebay account and have them take care of the issue. Well i do that.. then wait a few hours until i get a message back. In the message it says its a tech support issue and i need to call them. So i call them (keep in mind i know the difference in time zones) i call 25 mins before they close and get a message saying that it isnt during their operating hours. Really? I ordered it because i have a job at work that needed to be done this week so time is important to me, now i get too look bad in front of my customers because i cant finish in time. I know this issue will be solved but I dont see why its so difficult.
  9. fitbmxseries1

    Please Help with my MH-871

    Just got mine on friday and its doing the same thing. Im sending it back today and hopefully they can tell me what the issue was and I can fill you in.
  10. ill have to give a call tomorrow when they are open. I was really excited to make some stickers too!
  11. Took a look inside everything looks fine. Could be bad connection in the motor it self or a motherboard issue. Probably send it in monday.
  12. i thought this was more of an appropriate place to post the question, Ive taken the end caps apart, all wiring and everything seems in order. No loose wires or bad solder joints on the motherboard.
  13. I just got it yesterday and been trying to get it to work but the carriage wont move to the left, the wheels are in the track and the motor wont make any sound when i try to move it manually when its in offline mode. I am able to freely move it with my hand and it is able move to the right when i push the buttons in offline mode. Searched the forum and didnt see any one with the same issues. On monday ill give Us cutter a call and see what they suggest but for now any one got any ideas to get this thing working?
  14. I just received my mh871 got it all connected and tried to test it and the carriage wont move to the left, it only moves to the right. I tried in the offline mode to manually move it and it still only goes to the right. It wont move to the left when i push the button nothing seems to happen, no motor sound or anything. I moved it with my hand and its free, are there 2 motors on each side or is it just the one? Im thinking i may have to send it back right away?