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    Etched and painted

    :thumbsup:I like them all
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    Good job
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    EZ-Up Tents and Flags

    Wow that looks great man good job
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    Some more tiles!

    They all look good I also buy my stands @ the dollar store.........
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    My Ride: Decepticons style

    I like it looks good (bad) good you know what i mean
  6. Like always wonderful work man
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    Camaro Engine Covers

    :thumbsup: Looks good
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    vector art

    Core Thank you bro pick up file
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    Busy week

    looks good like always
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    Pimp my bathroom

    I love it
  11. Hey guys ran into this deal in town last night ....Has any one heard or have a model 674u 16x14 knight heat press? clam shell style? This guy was at the gas station pumping gas and started talking to me. Long story short i mentioned i did custom decals and banners you get the picture and guess what? His Mom and Dad had a Sign Business before there divorce and he just happen to have there heat press at his house his been trying to get out his garage he said he will let it go for cheap and he gave me his number so before i call him what should i offer this guy?$$$$$ And how could i test to see if it works ? It looks like an older model (heavy looking) he had his wife send a picture to his phone for me to see.......... Any help will be much appreciated Thanks in advance
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    just wanted to share

    Thank you picked up file
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    team shirts

    Look really good
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    some of my recent work

    Looks good Picked up stars file :)Thank you
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Southern California
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    Black Angus

    Welcome from Southern California
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    Hello World

    Welcome to the forum from Southern California
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    Welcome from Southern California
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    Welcome from Southern California
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    New from Colorado

    Welcome from Southern California
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    Hello to the Forum

    Welcome from Southern California
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    Its been a min !

    Welcome Back
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    Welcome from Southern California (where Disneyland is at )
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    My first magnets

    Looks good customers always right they get what the want .........SDGIRL a corner cutter can be purchased at walmart in the scapbooking section for about $4.00 they are very tiny and flouresent green they are used to cut corners for bookmarkers they work great i have one and i cut about 10 sets of magnets with it and it still works.... check them out My price is 2 for $50.00 here in Southern California for 2 color simple text and phone numbers 12x24
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    EZ-Up Tents and Flags

    Thats what im talking about taking things to the next level :thumbsup:Thinking big