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  1. MikeMan

    To add or not to add phone number.....

    I too have magicJack phone for my graphics stuff. I have it forwarded to my cell phone 100% of the time. It is a super cheap way to get a seperate number. I also use it to make outgoing calls from my desk. No complaints from me ???
  2. MikeMan

    Sign and vehicle

    Looking good!!
  3. MikeMan

    Hi from Clayton, GA

    Welcome from Gainesville, GA!
  4. MikeMan

    We all love Walmart

    Last time my wife I and went to Walmart I grabbed a 50 pound bag of sugar and put on the lower level of the shopping cart (my wife calls them buggies...) Anyway, we went all over the store and ended up over by the meat section, which was very crowded. I parked the cart while we went looking for some stufff. When we were walking back and forth in the store, I kept encountering slippery spots where there was 'sand' on the floor. I was thinking what a hazard this is, and wondered what is up with this? Well I got my answer soon enough, as we headed back to the cart there was more 'sand' on the floor, leading right up to our cart, which had an ENORMOUS pile of sugar underneath it!!!!!! The cart was surrounded by 2 head scratching Walmart employees, so I took my wife by the arm made a hasty exit... BTW the sugar was for Humming Bird food, not shine!
  5. MikeMan

    Where to buy T-shirts?

    I have been very happy with Jiffy Shirts. They have a warehouse close to me so I usually get shirts in 2 days UPS ground, although once in a while they get here next day!
  6. MikeMan

    Crossed Checkered Flags

    Thank you for the flags!
  7. MikeMan

    Biker Graphic

    That's neat, Thank you!
  8. MikeMan

    Just wanted to say...

    Way to go!
  9. MikeMan

    is this a good printer?

    I am I a Mutoh Fanboy? Hope not, but... While the earlier Mutoh Falcon, Rockhoppers,etc... were troublesome printers, the Mutoh ValueJets kick butt! I have a 48" that I love and will keep until I can afford a 64" ValueJet! I met a bunch of ValueJet owners a few months ago and most expressed similar feelings... I print @ 720 x720 almost all the time but have cranked it up to 1440 x 1440 for large format photo 24' x 36" These things rock. Sorry BD is not fan
  10. MikeMan

    is tis printer worth 10,500

    I would not buy a used printer like that unless I could see it in action, in person. I bought a used 48" printer off e-bay, but only after driving 9 hours to see it work - print, nozzle check, check component lifetimes, etc.... When you buy used equipment, you are on your own when comes to any service issues - these can add up to some serious money fast if there are problems! Hope this helps
  11. MikeMan

    2.5x3' Banner for a snowball stand

    Looking Good! What type of substrate will they be mounted on?
  12. MikeMan

    2.5x3' Banner for a snowball stand

    I use a total cost figure of .65 cents a square foot for 13 oz. banner vinyl and ink combined. It's probably a lot less than that, but when in doubt I always round up, although my work isn't quoted on a strict cost plus basis. It's less work to print, but then I have to trim the banner material to size, hem, and grommet - Premade blanks won't go through my Mutoh. If I can get $5.00 sq/ft for either a printed or cut vinyl banner I am happy.
  13. MikeMan

    Take a minute to remember

    If not for them, the world would have been a dark, dark, place... Thanks to them and their families!
  14. MikeMan

    Chevy SS

    Snagged it, Thanks for sharing! Mike