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  1. jhocksrule

    Scarab Racing Logo

    Does anyone have a high quality SCARAB RACING logo??? Scarab arched on top, Racing arched below and the scarab beetle in the middle. I would appreciate anyones help. Thanks
  2. jhocksrule

    SCARAB logo

    Outstanding!!!! Thank you so much.
  3. jhocksrule

    SCARAB logo

    Ya, thats the one. I don't have Adobe Illustrator though. Thats what the vector image of that one is.
  4. jhocksrule

    SCARAB logo

    I was looking for a High Quality Scarab boat logo??? The SCARAB lettering. Does anyone have one they could share? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I'm running my p-cut with the usb connection and my OS is Vista. The job is about 30" long in all. The cutter stops about half way through the job and is says "WAITING" on the cutter. Anyone have any idea why. I just started using the USB connection. I never had that problem with the serial connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really need to get this job cut and out the door. Thanks for all the input.
  6. jhocksrule

    Fun Window Decal

    Creation P-Cut. Signblazer for the software. What should my offset setting be set at? ROCK CHALK!!!
  7. jhocksrule

    Fun Window Decal

    This is a fun window decal I was asked to make for some friends that are in a boat club. They like to have a good time. Let me know what ya think. Selling them for $5. I think thats pretty reasonable. Some of the corners of the letters sometimes snag, or seem a little jagged. Any suggestions?
  8. jhocksrule

    My First Banner :o)

    2'x4' banner 2 colors I would charge $60-$65. Thats on a 13 oz. banner. Nice, heavy material.
  9. jhocksrule

    First Front Door....

    Looks great. The only thing I noticed was the word "until". It should only have one L.
  10. jhocksrule

    Boat Lettering

    My buddy couldn't think of a name. That was something I came up with.
  11. jhocksrule

    Boat Lettering

    I had a buddy bring in his pontoon boat for some lettering. Didn't have alot of room to work with. I thought this color comibination showed up pretty well on that color background. Let me know what ya think of it, and what you would charge for it. Same thing on the other side of the boat. Thanks for your input, it sure helps for future jobs.
  12. This is just one of the decals I'll be selling to parents at a ball tournament. It's pictured in black, but will be cut in white vinyl for car windows. The size is 5.25" square. What would you price them at? 10% of the sales will be going to the charity putting on the tournament, so price accordingly. Thanks for the help.
  13. jhocksrule

    License Plate

    Hey Outbreak, I would be interested in your calculating method as well. Could you pass it on.
  14. jhocksrule

    License Plate

    I forgot to mention that 10% of all sales goes to benefit the charity hosting the softball tournament. I was just trying to make up the 10% difference in the pricing. What do you think, is $18 still to high?
  15. jhocksrule

    Sports Window Lettering

    Here is a sample of one of the types of window lettering I will be selling to parents. It is pictured in black, but will be cut in white vinyl to put on the parents back window of their car. The size is 5.25 x 5.25. Wanted to get some opinions on pricing for it. What do you think?