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  1. I had two auctions on ebay and I cancelled my Auctiva account.  The auction was almost over and I had three people buy a few items.  All of them could not pay via PayPal because they couldn't get past the checkout since I canceled my account.  I ended up sending my own invoice for the items, but one guy was pissed off and never paid.  If you are doing a lot of volume I would be careful when you cancel the account.  At least let the auctions listed run out before you cancel.  Seems like the checkout system was tied to my Auctiva account and it didn't exist when the customer went to pay. 

  2. I don't know what I did, but something is causing my cutter to shrink the size down.  I cut a word that was supposed to be 8 inches high, but it was barely a 1/4" tall when I cut.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?  What is causing this?

  3. I'm using 3M reflective and I can't figure out how to get the settings right so the corners of the letters won't get ruined.  I'm finding the sharp corners are getting caught on the blade and basically breaking off a tiny piece of the corners because this stuff is so brittle.  The pressure seems ok since the blade is cutting through.  Not sure what is going on.  I tried slow and fast speeds and the same thing is happening. 

  4. Andy,

    Do you know how I can take your file and make some of the fruit in two or three colors?  Like make the strawberry red w/ a green leaf for example.  I know the strawberry is already posted above, but I want to use some of the others with multiple colors.  However, they are all one color when I try to change them. 

  5. "CRT" Cathode Ray Tube.  Basically the same technology used in the older tube televisions.  Unlike the newer flat screen monitors you see in the stores today, a magnet will really mess up the picture.  This is why most of your home theater speakers are shielded so the magnets won't distort the picture.  Place a magnet near an older tv or monitor and you can permanently damage the screen.

  6. Uscutter has really good prices on Oracal.  $4 cheaper on the calendared and $10 on the cast. 24"x10yd rolls.  Just wish it didn't take 3-4 days to receive it on the east coast.  I pay a few dollars more, but I can get it the same day if I pick it up or the next day if I have it shipped.

  7. Pricing depends on where you buy from and what quality.  Oracal 651 is $21 for a 24x10yd roll or Oracal 751 (cast) is $43 for the same size roll.  UScutter sells vinyl for good prices.  I live on the east coast so I buy somewhere else because the shipping takes longer than getting it locally.  I used calendared on my car because it was what I had in stock.  It's pretty good quality and cheap enough to change when I need to.

    Golden is my dog of choice, although we have a golden and a black lab.  You can't go wrong with either.  If my wife would let me, I'd have 4 or 5 goldens.


  8. I'm doing a fleet of trucks for a produce company and they requested colorful fruit and produce.  I want to avoid printing the fruit if possible, so I would really like to make them with multiple colors and layers.  If anyone has anything to share, I would be greatful.  If anyone has a picture of a similar job, I would appreciate a few ideas to start with.

  9. It's sad that most buyers don't know the difference and buy solely on the price.  "I can get it over there for $$$ dollars"  However, they are getting 5 yr cal. vinyl and wonder why it shrinks and fades after a year or two.  If only they were given the option or at least educated on the differences.  I give everyone the option if they are having a storefront or vehicle done.