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    Preview data..

    I know this is an old post, but for anyone searching this topic. Install the last update. This works for both XP and Vista.
  2. I read somewhere that the chrome vinyls only have a 2 yr outdoor life. Anybody know where to get chrome that will last longer?
  3. snlsd


    Looks great!! ;)
  4. snlsd

    Recent work

    I remember working on it, but I think you had to edit a few nodes. ;)
  5. snlsd

    Recent work

    Very cool. Nice to see that logo finally cut and on the truck. Turned out great!
  6. click on the map for pittsburgh and they have the phone number and address. I bought from them and they cut it to size for me.
  7. neron, let me know if you need the acrylic or lexan for this job. I know of a plastics company that sells this stuff in Pittsburgh.
  8. snlsd

    I'm going legal

    The $70 is only if you register a fictitious name. If you go with something like John Doe Signs and Graphics then you don't have to pay the extra money.
  9. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    I'll give it a try. THANKS!!
  10. snlsd

    Looking for this.

    I'm looking for a car outline similar to the attached logos. I'm not trying to duplicate the logo, just looking for the car body lines. Thanks!
  11. snlsd

    Looking for this.

    Those will work. Thanks!!!
  12. snlsd

    Trouble with image

    You can see it in Signblazer? I can see the image in every other program except for signblazer. It's visible as a PDF, EPS, AI etc. As soon as I import it into Signblazer, there are pieces missing.
  13. snlsd

    Can anyone vectorize this?

    I tried this with Inkscape and Signblazer. I really just want to seperate the letters and the crosshairs so I can cut this in two or three colors. One for the MBP, one for the crosshairs, and maybe another for Militia. This is the only picture I was given and they didn't have anything better.
  14. snlsd

    Can anyone vectorize this?

    Ok, I spent hours on this and I didn't get anything like that. I was about to recreate the entire thing over again. How did you do that? Thank You :)
  15. snlsd

    can anyone help

    Yep, too small. Did you try asking them for their original artwork. They probably have the original on file for this kind of thing.
  16. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    Terry, I was able to open the file to look at it, and everything looks good. I tried importing into signblazer and nothing happened. Any ideas?
  17. snlsd

    van lettering

    I did a similar van for $300, but they did the installation. I would say $500-$600 is what I would charge installed. It really depends on how much vinyl and are you using cal. or cast vinyl.
  18. Cal. Maybe pricing for 25, 50, 100.
  19. snlsd

    van lettering

    How much lettering. Just the doors or the entire side of the van? Are you installing or is the customer applying RTA graphics?
  20. Is the $10 per sq ft rule for calendared vinyl or cast?
  21. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    Thanks, I'll try them out.
  22. Did you try the serial cable instead of USB. I had problems with USB and went to Serial and never went back.
  23. I'm working on a website template and I can't figure out how to line something up. Anyone have experience with HTML and willing to look at my code to see if there is an easy fix for my problem. I'll PM the source code to anyone that can help me out. I know this isn't a website development forum, but I know there are a lot of tech savy guys out there. Thanks a bunch.
  24. Here ya go. grass.eps grass.eps
  25. snlsd

    pair of reflective magnets

    Great idea. Now you just need a little yellow for the blinking light on the roof. LOL.