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    Snow Plows?

    That will come in handy. Thanks.
  2. snlsd

    a screw up

    They text from the customer and the approved proof saved me on this one. I won't do any work without an email or signature.
  3. snlsd


    I would only use 30 mm. Although I think they make a 20 mm that is supposed to have the same magnetic strength as 30mm.
  4. snlsd

    Can you vectorize a JPG?

    Harley is another one to watch out for. They don't mess around when it comes to copyright.
  5. snlsd

    first shot using cast vinyl

    It's sad that most buyers don't know the difference and buy solely on the price. "I can get it over there for $$$ dollars" However, they are getting 5 yr cal. vinyl and wonder why it shrinks and fades after a year or two. If only they were given the option or at least educated on the differences. I give everyone the option if they are having a storefront or vehicle done.
  6. snlsd

    Snow Plows?

    Thanks. Customer decided to go with the one I had. I would be interested in anything you have. Thanks.
  7. I vectorized this but It is a mess. There are too many layers of color that are not necessary. What is the best way to make this a simple color graphic with vinyl. Would you print this instead? arbor-us guy.eps arbor-us guy.eps
  8. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    same goes for the red one I posted on the other post. They are both one color. Just need to cut and weed.
  9. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    You shouldn't have to with this one. Just import into signblazer, pick a color and start cutting. The cutter will cut out the lines and you'll weed out the part that will show through. It looks white on the screen, but only the black will be cut.
  10. snlsd

    Can you vectorize a JPG?

    You definately don't want to sell these on the online flea market, or sell to anyone for that matter.
  11. snlsd

    Can you vectorize a JPG?

    Here it is. fox2.eps fox2.eps
  12. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut

    Here ya go. fox1.eps fox1.eps
  13. snlsd

    Can you vectorize a JPG?

    Give me a few minutes.
  14. snlsd

    How to make this easy to cut has a few. Just search Fox Racing.
  15. snlsd

    -How to- Vertical Text

    If you are using SignBlazer. Type it the old fashion way... Letter....enter....letter....enter. Select the text and click on "node edit". You can adjust the spacing by dragging the text vertical or horizontal using the black buttons at the bottom. You can also drag the letters individually by dragging on the nodes on the left side of the letters if you want to create a wavy effect.
  16. has a few fonts with religious themes. Bibles, Angels, Crosses etc. Sorry, but I don't have anything like the others. Great post though.
  17. I also have a PCUT. Run it everyday 8-10 hours, 5-6 days a week. A few problems at the beginning mainly because of user error. Very satisfied. Thinking about buying another.
  18. snlsd

    Can you vectorize a JPG?

    Yes you can. Post it and maybe we can help.
  19. snlsd

    Line of Death Fix!!!

    Are you sure this "line of death" isn't from the static electricity that builds up over long cuts? I had this problem and grounding the unit to the stand solved all of my problems. Never had it happen again after that.
  20. Order some vinyl if you don't have any. I was kicking myself when I didn't order vinyl and I didn't have anything to play with when I got it.
  21. snlsd

    Wall Installation

    What program did you use to vectorize your photos. I'm thinking about making a Joe Paterno picture out of vinyl for a Christmas gift.
  22. snlsd

    first shot using cast vinyl

    If I had a choice, I would use cast every day for every job. So much easier to weed.
  23. snlsd

    a screw up

    Something similar happened to me this week. Customer sent me the text they wanted. I sent them a proof. They approved. Two weeks later they emailed complaining about a spelling error in their address. Having it in writing and in the proof saved me on this one.
  24. snlsd

    pair of reflective magnets

    Download here.,9626.0.html
  25. snlsd


    I know this is an old post, but for anyone searching this topic. Install the last update. This works for both XP and Vista.